Important reminder for Sunday

To ensure players are covered by the Australian Baseball Federation Insurance, it is a requirement that each player pay $50 of their registration BEFORE participating in a game of baseball. The league has a duty of care to its members therefore if the $50 is not paid, you are not covered therefore we cannot allow you to play. 

To avoid the registration process encroaching upon your warm up time, it is requested that players print off a registration form from the website (under "forms" in "new member info") and that you arrive at the ground at least 45 minutes prior to the scheduled starting time of your game. David

Umpires requested

Calling all members; despite positive response from some members to assist with umpiring this season, we are looking for more people who are interested in umpiring, whether it be home plate or base, to spread the load. Anyone interested, particularly for one of the two games on Sunday, please contact David on 0468 927 363. Thank you to Jason Featherstone and Steve Harris for agreeing to umpire the evening games this week.

Uniforms and Sunday's teams


10.30 am to 12.30 pm  Blue Jays V Northern White Sox     Umpire Grant Stump

1.00 pm to 3.00 pm     Eastern Athletics V Dragons            Umpire: Steve Harris

Please check "team news" for teams for Sunday's Opening Round. Some teams have been changed to balance numbers and to allocate new members who attended this evening's Open Day.

People who were unable to attend the Open Days but who would still like to play baseball, are also welcome and will be allocated to teams on the day. These players would still be required to complete a registration form and pay the $50 insurance/ABF component of their fees prior to playing.

 It would be appreciated if players could be at the ground to warm up and to register at least 45 minutes prior to each game.


I am pleased to report that we are making progress with regards to uniforms for the Blue Jays, Eastern Athletics and Northern White Sox. Mock ups are currently being made by Allsports Attire and should be available for viewing shortly. Unfortunately, once our order is submitted, it will possibly be a further five weeks before the uniforms arrive but I will do my best to speed up the process. In the team lists, I have indicated with an * those members for whom I have uniform sizes. I will have the uniform samples at the games on Sunday for those members who have not tried them on but I have also attached a sizing chart sent by Allsports for those who would like to advise me in advance. 

The league will be selling the uniform tops to Baseball Tasmania/ABF members for $40. I am holding monies paid by members last season so if there are any queries, please let me know. David

Allsports Apparel Sizing List.

And the winner is.......

David Brooks from Northern White Sox....congratulations David!


Members are reminded that in order to be in the draw for one lucky member to have their fees refunded, the full registration fee must be paid by 9th November 2014. The draw will be held after training on Tuesday 11th November.

Notwithstanding the above, it would be appreciated if all members have paid their fees in full by 30th November 2014, unless other arrangements have been made.

Those members currently eligible for the draw are:

Benoit Richard
Brooks David
Castro Jonathan
Chalker Chris
Crystal Troy
Drumm Matthew
Featherstone Jason
Fry Steven
Harris Steve
He David
Hong Kay
Howlett Brad
Hubble Peter
Humphries David
Katsoris Manoli
Langenberg John
Lovegrove Steve
Miller Patrick
Newbon Shaun
Rush Jared
Stump Jacob
Stump Grant
Sullivan Andrew
Toms Evan
Trustum Roly
Warburg Jesse
Wenban Brendan
Wenban David

 Byrne             Josh     (8/11/14)

 Wood             Ian

Shutt               Zac


Important information for 2014/15 HSBL season

At the committee meeting held on Monday 6th October 2014, the following decisions were made in relation to the HSBL 2014/15 season:


The fees for 2014/15 will be as follows:

$185 for seniors and $130 for those members who are under 18, full time students or unemployed. We appreciate this is an increase in last season's fees but this has been necessary to cover increased costs for ground rental and to ensure that the league can provide improved facilities going forward.

To ensure a member is registered with Australian Baseball Federation and therefore covered by their insurance, an amount of $50 off their total fee must be paid before they participate in their first roster game. 

Once again, we will have a draw whereby a member can have all their fee refunded if they have paid their fee, in full, by 9th November 2014

Please note: We still have the option of paying an amount per game but these amounts have increased for the 2014/15 season to $15 for seniors and $10 for under 18 etc. 


Other important information:

At this stage, the 2014/15 season will be contested by four teams, the Eastern Athletics, the Dragons Softball team, the Blue Jays and the Northern Sox (name still to be finalised) and commence on Sunday 19th October. The league has been reduced to four to ensure each competing team has enough players to cover work and family commitments etc. New players will be allocated to teams following next Sunday's Open Day. 
The roster will be finalised over the next week with some changes to the set up from last season. Games will now be of two hour duration, weather and light permitting, with weekday games played from 5.45 pm to 7.45 pm and a round of games played on one Sunday a month (possibly two in December but more about that later). The game duration change has been introduced to allow fairer game time for all members. The times for Sunday games will be finalised once the roster is drawn up
The umpires will again be primarily sourced from the over 45 Master's team and those Baseball Tasmania members who have indicated they are willing to help out.
For the first season in a few years, each game will be scored and statistics kept to not only provide more information for media results but also to allow the league to provide awards at the end of the season. In addition, for the first time, umpires will be asked to cast votes for best players for which a separate award will be given at the end of the season.


Hobart Summer Baseball League teams for season 2014/15

The team lists for each team competing in the HSBL 2014/15 season are shown under their respective team news item above. The teams have been formed based on those existing players who have contacted us and those new players who attended our Open Days, but are by no means complete. If there are any existing players who have not indicated their continued participation or any new players who would like to give our great game a go, please don't hesitate to contact us. 

If team managers know of any returning players whose names were not passed on to us, please let me know so I can update accordingly.

New uniforms will be ordered over the next couple of days but given the time of year, they may take a while to reach us. In the meantime, it would be appreciated if team members would wear a top representative of the main colours of their team ie

Eastern Athletics: green

Dragons: traditional uniform

Blue Jays: blue

Northern White Sox: black

Please note: At the present time, there are not enough players to warrant the presence of a fifth team AND not risk a repeat of the issues which confronted us at the end of the 2013/14 season. Accordingly, the members who played for the Red Sox last season and who have indicated their wish to continue on this season, have been allocated to the White Sox team. 

The aim of the league is to have an even competition where all members have the same opportunities to play the game of baseball. To achieve this aim, it may be necessary to invite players to change teams and we hope that players would understand that any moves would be for the better of the competition and through that, increase their enjoyment of the game.

If there are any concerns regarding the teams, please contact us.


Round 13 cancellation

Due to its proximity to Xmas and the resultant unavailability of players, the round 13 games and Family Day planned for Sunday 21st December have been cancelled. 

David   2/12/2014

Masters' teams fundraiser Sunday 21st December

Thank you very much to Steve Harris and Chris Chalker for organising today's BBQ fundraiser and to the following for their help running the BBQ:

Steve Harris

Chris Chalker

Peter McManus

Dave Coad

Grant Stump

Noel Peters

Carol Hubble

Peter Hubble

Michael Hegarty.

........AND the net profit was $330.65.....well done all!

David 21/12/2014

Masters' teams fundraiser Sunday 21st December

Next March will see not one but TWO Masters teams representing Tasmania in the Victorian Masters Baseball Carnival to be held in Ballarat. For the first time, Tasmania will be entering a 35 and over team and credit for this must go to Chris Chalker for all his hard work and enthusiasm.

This Sunday (21st) the Masters' teams will be holding a sausage sizzle at Rosny Park Bunnings from 9.30 am to 3 pm to raise funds for this trip. We are currently looking for more members of the 35 team to help out so if you are available, please contact Chris.

Thank you.

David 17/12/2014

An unscheduled training night........and the week ahead.....

A inquiry was forwarded about holding a training night this week to "dust off the cobwebs" before the resumption of the roster this Sunday. I am happy to announce that we have been able to secure POW for a training session tomorrow (Wednesday) night, usual time from 6 pm to 7.30 pm (though some players arrive earlier). 

The training sessions are not only for current players but for those people who may have an interest in playing in the future. Whilst I couldn't guarantee a game this season given the size of the existing squads, "new" players may be able to fill-in with teams if they are short of players, particularly at this time of the year when players can be on holidays. Notwithstanding this, attending the training sessions could be a forerunner to playing next season.

Sunday 11th January: 

10.30 am Northern White Sox V Eastern Athletics

1 pm       Dragons V Blue Jays


Tuesday 13th January:

optional training session   6pm to 7.30 pm



David 6/1/2015

Uniform tops (updated)

Uniform tops will be available tomorrow for collection and purchase. For those who have yet to pay, the cost is $40. 

David 10/1/2015

Prince of Wales Recreation Ground upgrade

Contractors for the Glenorchy City Council are currently working on extending and leveling the southern end of our ground, primarily for the soccer but there are some benefits for us as well. New water systems have been installed and seeded loam will be put down to even out the ground.

The evening out process encroaches upon our current playing surface so, for the next 6-8 weeks, the left field fence will be brought in 3-4 metres for a distance of about 30 metres. Council will erect plastic netting as a fence to mark our ground and their regeneration area. I have put in a request that bollards be used as posts but as these could be easily blown away, the council is more in favour of star shaped posts with plastic caps; discussions are ongoing.

I have spoken with Roland Curley from council and he will arrange for:- a) the grass on our batting area to be sprayed and b) some surplus clay to be made available should we need it to plug divots in the batting/catching area.

David 8/1/2015

T-ball session Sunday 18th January (please note change of time and venue)

Please note, today's scheduled t-ball session has been cancelled due to the weather.

David 18/1/2015


 next t-ball session will be held on Sunday 18th January at Prince of Wales Recreation Ground from 11 am to 12 pm.

David 6/1/2015

Player shortages

It is possible there could be player shortages for tomorrow night's game between the Eastern Athletics and the Dragons. If any paid member is free and would like to possibly play an extra game this week, please come along.


David 20/1/2015

Outstanding registration fees and finals eligibility (updated 20/1/2015)

With six roster games to go, the next few weeks are vital to determine the three teams that will compete in this season's finals. Thank you to those players who have paid fees or notified me of arrangements to pay their fees. Starting with tomorrow night's game, players who have not paid or contacted me to make an arrangement to pay, will be ineligible to play. This may seem harsh and may cost teams a chance for finals but my plea for a resolution to the fee situation has seemingly fallen on deaf ears of some players.

David 20/1/15


Whilst we did receive some full membership payments and a couple of pay-per-game arrangements last Sunday, the league still has a number of fees outstanding. I cannot impress upon you enough the importance of either paying your fees by next Sunday or at least having an arrangement in place. Payment can be made via EFT if you prefer, the details of which are on our website. Thank you.

In response to a query, I shall elaborate on the fees. 

Regardless of whether a player pays in a lump sum or per game, each player is required to pay an upfront amount of $50 to cover insurance.

Thereafter, there are two options:

1) pay the balance of $135 in a lump sum


2) if you play games on an infrequent basis or cannot afford to pay a lump sum, you can pay $15 per game, capped at $185.

For example, if after paying the $50 for insurance, you could only play the occasional game due to work, injury etc, you would pay $15 per game but only for 9 games in total. (9 x $15 = $135) which would take you up to the cap of $185. Given our rule regarding the playing five games to qualify for the finals, the maximum you would pay in that scenario would be $50 plus 5 x $15 = $125. 

If anyone is unsure as to how many games they have played, please contact me and I will advise.

Thank you

David 13/1/2015


According to MY records, we currently have $3765 outstanding in membership fees. In an environment in which the league survives on its membership fees, this is unacceptable.

I would like to remind everyone that full fees are due by 18th January unless an alternative arrangement is in place. If the fees are not paid or an arrangement is not in place, you will not be allowed to play in any games until such time as this is rectified.

David 10/1/2015


As mentioned previously, our league is primarily funded by the membership fees of its players. Accordingly it is important that members pay their full fees as soon as possible and to this end, the committee has decided that memberships must be paid in full by Sunday 18th January 2015, unless arrangements have been approved otherwise.

Members who have not paid or do not have an arrangement in place by this date, will not be allowed to play. Notwithstanding this, to be eligible to play in the finals, players must not only have played a minimum of 5 games for their team but must also have paid their fees in full.

David 3/12/2014

Present and the future....

The 2014/15 HSBL season has gotten off to a wonderful start, albeit with some glitches along the way which hopefully will be resolved at the committee meeting on Monday evening. Thank you to all the players participating in this season's competition as it is your dedication and enthusiasm which has helped make the games so exciting to both watch and to participate in.

Special thanks go to the team managers who, with expanded squads this season, have had the unenviable task of juggling players so that everyone gets a fair go. Of course, the enjoyment of the games is also helped by the members who dedicate their time to umpiring and scoring and the league extends our thanks to these members as well.

Special thanks must also go to Peter Hubble for organising and conducting the activities for our training nights and to David Bailey for his support. Players who have attended the training nights have said how much they have enjoyed them and this is down to Peter's experience, dedication and willingness to help improve players' skills. 

This season, we have seen many younger players join our ranks and whilst this is great for our immediate future, our long term future depends on introducing the game of baseball, whether it be in the form of t-ball or junior baseball, to those under the age of 15 yrs. To this end, we are inviting people, and not necessarily from a baseball or softball background, to contact us to advise in what capacity they are willing to help. 

As part of this move to introduce our sport to juniors, we will be conducting t-ball activities for ages 4 to 9 at Cornelian Bay this Sunday from 2pm to 3pm (more details are shown in a post below).

David    28/11/2014

Present and the future....

The 2014/15 HSBL season has gotten off to a wonderful start, albeit with some glitches along the way which hopefully will be resolved at the committee meeting on Monday evening. Thank you to all the players participating in this season's competition as it is your dedication and enthusiasm which has helped make the games so exciting to both watch and to participate in.

Special thanks go to the team managers who, with expanded squads this season, have had the unenviable task of juggling players so that everyone gets a fair go. Of course, the enjoyment of the games is also helped by the members who dedicate their time to umpiring and scoring and the league extends our thanks to these members as well.

Special thanks must also go to Peter Hubble for organising and conducting the activities for our training nights and to David Bailey for his support. Players who have attended the training nights have said how much they have enjoyed them and this is down to Peter's experience, dedication and willingness to help improve players' skills. 

This season, we have seen many younger players join our ranks and whilst this is great for our immediate future, our long term future depends on introducing the game of baseball, whether it be in the form of t-ball or junior baseball, to those under the age of 15 yrs. To this end, we are inviting people, and not necessarily from a baseball or softball background, to contact us to advise in what capacity they are willing to help. 

As part of this move to introduce our sport to juniors, we will be conducting t-ball activities for ages 4 to 9 at Cornelian Bay this Sunday from 2pm to 3pm (more details are shown in a post below).

David    28/11/2014

Breaking news!

The tops for the Hotel Soho Blue Jays have arrived! 

David 29/12/2014

Hotel Soho

Happy New Year and important dates for 2015

Happy New Year to all! 

Below are some important dates for the second half of the season and beyond.

11th January:     roster games resume

13th January:     first training night for 2015

18th January:      Final balance of fees due unless alternative payment arrangements made prior to this date.

19th February:    Final date for those with payment arrangements to pay their fees. Please note; to be eligible to play in the finals, players must have paid their fees in full.

22nd February:   first final: third placed team V second placed team

1st March:        Grand Final: winner of first final V first placed team

14th March:      Fundraising Sausage Sizzle for Masters teams and Moonah Bunnings

21st March (tentative): Awards dinner

27th to 29th March: Victorian Masters Baseball Carnival

April: AGM

David 3/1/2015

Important amendment to final round of regular season matches

Please note:

There has been an error in the roster for the final round of games:

The games will be as follows:


Wednesday 18th February:

Eastern Athletics V Hobart Blue Jays

Thursday 19th February:

Northern White Sox V Dragons.

Apologies for the errors

David 31/1/2015

Australian Baseball Federation Membership

In response to our registration of players, the ABF has today issued confirmation of each player's membership. This confirmation email provides important information including a benefits' program. Some players neglected to provide email addresses so their confirmation email have been sent to Baseball Tasmania. If you did not receive notification, please let me know. David

35 & Over Masters Team

From Friday March 27th to Sunday March 29th 2015, inclusive, the Victorian Masters Baseball Carnival will be held in Ballarat.

Next year, we will not only be sending a 45yrs and over side but also a 35yrs and over side. From my own experience, this is a wonderful sporting event in which to participate and an opportunity to represent your state.

In order to be eligible to participate in the carnival in this age group, you need to be 35 yrs old as at 31st December 2015 AND be a paid member of Baseball Tasmania.

If you are interested in being a member of this team, please contact Chris Chalker (Northern White Sox) on 0407 579 039. David

Still waving......take four!

This morning I participated in a five minute pre-recorded interview with Penny from Heart 107.3FM and this will be aired each half hour between 6am and 9am tomorrow, Tuesday 3rd March.

David 2/3/2015


Yes, back by popular demand, Andrew "Sully" Sullivan hits the waves again. Today, at approx 11.15 am, Sully will be on ABC 936's Grandstand program talking baseball! Go Sully!

David 28/2/2015


Tomorrow at 10 am, Chris Chalker from the Northern White Sox will be on air live with Rod Hunt in Edge Radio 99.3FM's Consuming Sports' show. Thank you Chris for volunteering.

To hear Chris' interview click here and click on February 27th: Edge Radio 99.3FM

David 26/2/2015

Ground and training updates

Prince of Wales Bay Recreation Ground update:

After discussions with the GCC this morning, I have been advised that the fence at the southern end of our ground will be removed next week, barring any unforeseen circumstances. The new part of the ground will then be prepared so that we can use the full playing surface for our Grand Final on Sunday 1st March.


Last Tuesday was our final open training night for the season. Assuming we do not have to play the semi final, next Wednesday (25th) the ground is booked so that those teams competing in the Grand Final can use the ground for training if they so wish.

During March, each Wednesday has been booked for training by the two teams competing in the Victorian Masters Carnival in Ballarat at the end of March. Training times are from 6 pm to 7.30 pm.

David 19/2/2015

Hobart Summer Baseball League Presentation Night and Dinner (updated with schedule)

Presentation Night schedule (approx times). Function room is located up the stairs to the left as you enter Hotel Soho.

6.30 guests begin to arrive 

7.00 finger food served at the bar for those who have paid for a meal 

7.30 guests to be seated

MC Josh Byrne to welcome guests

President's speech 

7.45 main meal orders taken
Announcement of top 5 stats in walks HBP 
Announcement of Rookie, Defensive Player and Pitcher Awards

8.35 to 8.45 meal served.

9.10 (or when meals completed) lucky door prize announced 
Announce top 5 for home runs & rbi's 
Present premiership shield 
Announce top 5 and winner of batting average 
Presentation of Jamie McIntyre Player of the Year Award

David 13/3/2015


The following players have indicated that they will be attending the Presentation Evening on Saturday and having a meal. It is important we know final numbers for meals by Saturday morning so if any other players are attending, please let me know as soon as possible.

Aaron Jarvis (+1); Michael Hegarty (+1); David & Naomi Searle; Jared Rush; Paul McIntyre (+1); Stuart Robins; Nigel O'Brien (+1); Steve Lovegrove (+1); Zac Shutt (+1); Brendan Adams (+1); Ryan Oakley; Ian Wood (+1); Brad Howlett; Andrew Kennedy (+1); Josh Byrne; Jamie McIntyre (+1); Laurie & Maureen Newman (softball by invite); Matt Drumm; David Brooks; Peter Hubble (+1); Steve Millington (+1); Steve Harris (+1); Brendan Wenban; David Wenban; Richard Benoit (+1); Sully (+1); David Humphries; Steven Fry.

Please note, you do not have to purchase a meal to attend the evening but once again, it would help with arrangements if we knew how many players may attend.

David 11/3/2015


The inaugural HSBL Presentation Night and Dinner will be held on Saturday 14th March 2015 and is open to all Baseball Tasmania members and their families. In order to arrange the appropriate location within the venue and to arrange catering, it is important that you inform your team manager if you attending as soon as possible, if not before 14th February.

Please note, it is not necessary for members to have a meal to attend the presentation, we just need to know numbers of who is dining, who is not, so we can finalise the venue and arrange seating.


Venue: Hotel Soho (exact location dependent upon numbers)

Time: 6.30 pm for 7 pm start

Cost: $30 per person which covers finger food as starters and a choice of the following for main course:

                         24 hour slow braised beef ribs, sweet potato purée, wilted spinach and pan jús

                         Crispy skin salmon fillet, champ potato, broccolini and pesto cream

                         Roast chicken breast filled with ham and cheese, braised cabbage and mustard sauce

                         Oven baked spinach and ricotta cannelloni

Drinks will be at discounted prices.

Dress: Casual

David 3/2/2015

Eastern Athletics V Dragons 21st January 2015

Dragons defeated Eastern Athletics 12-8 in tonight's game.

Brenton West hits two run home run for Athletics; Dan Hughes hits out for the Dragons, Gregorio Marrero pitching in relief for the Dragons, Rhys Watts connects for the Dragons


Thank you to all those players who paid fees or made payment arrangements.

David 21/1/15


As the baseball season is nearing its conclusion, there will be no further T-Ball sessions for the time being. Thanks to all the kids and parents who have come along and participated throughout the year.

In conjunction with the Sthn Tas Softball Association, we hope to announce some exciting developments soon about a new T-Ball roster for next summer….so stay tuned.

Nigel 23/2/2015

Congratulations Southern Tasmanian Softball Association

Congratulations to Southern Tasmanian Softball Association on their ground dedication to Corrie Jones today. Congratulations must also go to Jane Brooks on being awarded Life Membership.

David 7/2/2015

Good luck! Go Tassy Tigers baseball teams!!

Good luck to all the players, officials and spectators travelling to Ballarat today for the Victorian Masters Baseball Carnival. Hopefully the weather will be a lot better there than it is here! Tonight sees the first game involving Tasmania, the over 35's will take on Ballarat, commencing at 6.30pm. Go Tassy Tigers!

David 26/3/2015

Batting the numbers around with the Tas Keno

On behalf of the Northern White Sox, I would like to thank Tas Keno for their very generous donation to the team and Matt Drumm for all his work with discussions, purchases etc. We look forward to continuing discussions during the off season.

David 19/2/2015

Master of all celebrations (updated 29/5/2015 & 8/6/2015)

Just a reminder of the celebration for the Masters teams, who recently competed in Ballarat, to be held at Hotel Soho next Saturday (13th June). The get together is NOT solely for the Masters' teams and will commence approximately 6pm. It is important that we have an idea of numbers so that we can book tables so if you are would like to attend and have not let Michael Hegarty know, please do so ASAP. Thank you.


A get together to celebrate our Masters teams efforts at the recent Victorian Masters Carnival will be held on Saturday 13th June 2015, venue and time to be advised.

David 7/5/2015

The above will be held at Hotel Soho, commencing at 6pm. It is open to not only members of the respective Masters' teams and those who travelled to help with coaching, scoring etc but also to any members of Baseball Tasmania. 

To enable the booking of tables etc, could you please advise Michael Hegarty on 0409 683 608, by Tuesday 2nd June, if you are attending.

Thank you

David 29/5/2015

AGM April 2015

Circumstances have meant that we will have to change the date of our AGM. Stay tuned for further developments. AGM will now be held on Tuesday 28th April at Hotel Soho commencing at 7.30 pm. Sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused by the change.

David (14/4/2015)


The 2014/15 baseball season has been one of the best on record, culminating in the debut of our over 35 team in the Masters' carnival and our over 45 team winning the Grand Final of their division. Congratulations and thanks to all involved during the season and the subsequent carnival. Whilst we have made huge strides this season, we cannot rest on our achievements as we aim to make next season even bigger and better. As a starting point, Baseball Tasmania's AGM will be held at Hotel Soho on Tuesday 21st April, commencing at 7.30pm. I encourage as many members as possible to attend and if you would like to nominate a person, or stand yourself, for a position on the committee, the committee nomination form is included under the heading "Baseball Tasmania" in the top menu.

All positions on the committee become vacant at the AGM and are therefore up for nomination


Currently David Searle

Vice president ( x 2 )

Currently Peter McManus


Currently Steve Lovegrove


Currently Peter Hubble

Junior Development Officer

Currently Nigel O'Brien


David 3/4/2015



Baseball Tasmania's Annual General Meeting will be held at Hotel Soho on Tuesday 21st April, commencing at 7.30 pm. It would be appreciated if as many people as possible could attend, particularly as there are some matters on which members need to vote and a couple of new ideas were discussed at Saturday's dinner.

David 16/3/2015

Community Coach Program (SCCP)/Level 1 coaching accreditation courses

ust a reminder of the coaching accreditation courses being held by Jo Paez from Softball Australia this week. The Community Coaching Program course will be held at Corrie Jones Park this Friday at 6.30 pm. The level 1 coaching accreditation course will be held at 8.30 am on Saturday. Prior to attending either of these courses, attendees will need to complete the General Principles unit on Australian Sports Commission site and bring the certificate with them to the courses. 

David 1/9/2015

On Friday 4th September, Jo Paez from Softball Australia will fly into Hobart to conduct Community Coach Program/level 1 coaching accreditation courses at Corrie Jones Park. It is a requirement that those softball/baseball members etc involved in the new formed Batter Up T-ball League have at least the Community Coach accreditation. Further information regarding the courses:

the Community Coach Program accreditation will be held on Friday evening at a time to be advised
the level 1 coaching will be held on Saturday morning at a time to be advised
attendance at both the Community Coach Program and level 1 coaching accreditation would normally be $57 but $40 of this will be subsidised and action is in hand to have the remaining $17 also subsidised
if members already have the CCP, attendance at level 1 coaching accreditation will require a personal accreditation fee of $8.80 which cannot be subsidised

These are very basic courses that softball/baseball players and coaches would benefit from and this is a great opportunity to gain your accreditation with very little cost to you. (Softball Victoria charge $80 for this course)

If you are attending or, even if undecided at this time, please to go on line and complete the General Principals portion of accreditation (this applies to all sports) as this must be done before attending and even if not able to attend it gives you the General Principal accreditation for all sports.

Type in Aust Sports Commission or copy the following to your address line

click on  ‘On line coaching course’

then click

‘ASC Online learning portal’

This takes you to ‘registration’ on the right hand side then just follow your nose to General Principals 

There is a chance that Ben Utting, new SAL Sports Development Manager, will also attend.

Along with other programs Ben manages the Sporting Schools program.

If you are attending, please let Evelyn Seabourne know by August 28th so she can let Jo know what she will need to bring with her.


Ev Seabourne

Softball Tasmania



0408 546208

David 18/8/2015

We have a wedding!!

Hot off the press: terrific news to hand....Marcia Howe and Paul McIntyre (Northern White Sox) are getting married this Saturday. On behalf of Baseball Tasmania, its members and its supporters, I would like to wish them both all the best for their big day and may they have long, healthy and happy lives together.

David (15/9/2015)

Thank you

With the 2014/15 season over, there are a number of organisations/people away from baseball I would like to thank for their support.

Stefania Cefola & Kylie Eastley for the Glenorchy Gazette, Eastern Shore Sun and Hobart Observer coverage; the Mercury for publishing our results each week; Sinclair's Health & Fitness; Hotel Soho; Edge Radio 99.3 FM; ABC 936 AM; Heart 107.3FM; Southern Cross TV; Bennetto Finance; Kennedy Bros Painters; Haymes Paints; Glenorchy City Council; Southern Tasmanian Softball; Bunnings Hardware Stores; All Sports Apparel; Tas Keno.

Also thanks to all those people who have "liked" and "shared" our Facebook page as through you, news of our wonderful game gets out there to more and more people which can only help the league to grow.

David 6/3/2015

The week ahead for Hobart Summer Baseball League and Batter Up T-ball (important update 14/10/2015)




The week ahead:

Tuesday: Clarence Angels t-ball training, 4.30pm at Howrah Primary School

Thursday: Hobart Giants t-ball training, 3.30pm at South Hobart Primary School (to be confirmed)

Saturday: Northern Stars, Derwent Dolphins and Clarence Angels t-ball training 10am at Corrie Jones Park 


Chris Chalker will be on 7HOFM 101.7's Waterboys show with Brent Costelloe, shortly after 8am.

Second Hobart Summer Baseball League (HSBL) "Come and Try" day 10.30am at Prince of Wales Bay Recreation Ground. David

David (5/10/2015)

Statistically minded

Stats after round sixteen games:

(please note, for the sake of at least some surprise for the Presentation Night to be held in March, I will not be posting any further stats)

Batting average:

Matt Cashman (White Sox) (22 hits/35 at bats) 0.629
Rhys Watts (Dragons) (15/24) 0.625
Brendan Adams (Dragons) (22/36) 0.611
Mathew Fox (White Sox) (12/20) 0.600
David Bailey (Athletics) (11/20) 0.550
Steve Harris (Blue Jays) (17/31) 0.548

Runs batted in (rbi's)

Shane Davies (Dragons) 20
Steve Lovegrove (Athletics) 17
David Searle (White Sox) 16
Evan Toms (Blue Jays) 15
Paul Johns (Dragons) 14


David Searle (White Sox) 12
Richard Benoit (Athletics) 11
Zac Shutt (Blue Jays) 10
Peter Hubble (Blue Jays) 10
Chris Chalker (White Sox) 9
Ryan Oakley (Blue Jays) 9


Brendan Adams (Dragons) 23
Richard Benoit (Athletics) 20
Andrew Sullivan (Athletics) 19
Jason Featherstone (Dragons) 19
Rhys Watts (Dragons) 17


Special thanks must go to Norm Johns and Jared Rush as these stats would not be possible without their devoted time to scoring our games.

David 31/1/2015

HSBL "Come and Try" Day #1

Under sunny skies, the formal pre-season training commenced today at Prince of Wales Bay Recreation Ground. Returning players were joined by those participants in the informal training sessions I held recently and all were expertly tutored by Peter Hubble, Chris Chalker and Michael Hegarty. Terese Millhouse, Beau McNeill and Lloyd Bugden made their HSBL debuts with Terese showing that she has the hand/eye co-ordination to help her fit right in with the competition. It would be remiss of me not to also thank those returning players who were willing to help out with advice to the new players and to thank Connor Pearcey and Jack Bridgland (both 12) who joined the main activities with gusto and smiles on their faces.

David 11/10/2015

Hitting the airwaves... (updated 28/10/2015)

Full radio interview schedule for next few days on ABC 93.6AM:

Today: 4.30pm yours truly will be interviewed by Louise Saunders on the Drive show
Tomorrow: 10.10am Sully will be in studio to discuss the Wollongong Weekend with Leon Compton and Josh Bean on the Mornings show
Saturday: approx 11am Sully will do a live from the ground to the studio interview with Scott Rollinson on Local Grandstand.


This Friday, Sully will be interviewed on ABC 93.6AM between 10.10 and 10.30am.

David (28/10/2015)


Hitting the airwaves: this Friday (23rd), on Edge Radio 99.3FM's Consuming Sports program (10-11am), hear Carinda Rue (CEO Womensport & Recreation Tasmania ) and I talking about all things t-ball, baseball and Pirates.

David (21/10/2015)




On Sunday 18th October, shortly after 8 am, Chris Chalker will be a guest on 7HO FM 101.7's "The Waterboys" radio show with Brent Costelloe.

7HO FM 101.7


HSBL "Come and Try" Day #2

Thirty players, returning and new, took to the field for today's second "come and try" day. Under the watchful eye of Chris Chalker, Michael Hegarty and Sully, the players were put through their paces, with the pre-season competition just over a week away. Shane Stanfield and Tim Holland made their HSBL debuts whilst Patrick Miller and Mathew Fox made their off season debuts. Michael Blake, a power hitter who played in the Dragons' first season, returned to demonstrate that he had not lost any of his batting prowess. Shane and Tim demonstrated their previous interstate experience would stand them in good stead in our league. Thank you to all who attended and to Chris, Michael and Sully for organising/running activities.


David (18/10/2015)

Preliminary 2015/16 squads

With the success of last season and the arrival of new players, the Baseball Tasmania committee has decided to introduce a fifth team to the league for the 2015/16 season.

The teams listed below will be trialed during the pre-season which commences on Wednesday but it is important for members to understand that teams may be adjusted prior to the commencement of the season proper at the discretion of the committee to maintain a competitive league and to balance talent across the five teams.

The fifth team has been introduced not only because of the influx of new players but also to reduce the numbers in each team. This reduction in numbers means more game time for players and makes things easier for the managers.

The listed teams are based on those players who have attended training sessions and/or who have indicated to their team managers that they will be playing in season 2015/16. The new players have been allocated to their teams based on their team needs or numbers. If you played last season and are interested in playing this season but do not see your name listed below, it is important that you contact your team manager as soon as possible.

Welcome to the Orioles who will be managed by Chris Chalker.

In a perfect world, one would hope that we would get constant numbers for teams each week, however, sometimes this does not happen. As in the past, if a team is struggling for numbers, they can call on members of other teams to fill in. With the fifth team this season, they are your first port of call with regards to fill-ins.

David (25/10/2015)


Northern White Sox (manager David Humphries) 

David Brooks, Matt Cashman, Chris Cooper, Matthew Drumm, Mathew Fox, Steven Fry, Paul McIntyre (inj), Peter McManus, Patrick Miller, Terese Millhouse, David Searle, Greg Shea-Bloomfield, Connor Pearcey (bat boy)


Dragons (manager Adam de Cotter)

Brendan Adams, Michael Blake, Dean Chamberlain, Jimmy Clout, Andrew Cox, Shane Davies, Ryan Fenton, Chris Harris, Tim Holland, Aaron Jarvis, Paul Johns, Ben Sward, Rhys Watts


Eastern Athletics (manager Sully)

Richard Benoit, Nicolas Cabrera, Robbie Devine (inj), John Langenberg, Steve Lovegrove, Hamish Maitland, Aaron Mann, Chris Morrison, Sam Morrison, Grant Stump, Jesse Warburg, Jack Bridgland (bat boy)


Hotel Soho Hobart Blue Jays (manager Michael Hegarty)

Lloyd Bugden, Josh Byrne, Dave Coad, Steve Harris, Brad Howlett (inj), Peter Hubble, Steve Millington, Ryan Oakley, Zac Shutt, Shane Stanfield, Jacob Stump, Evan Toms, Roly Trustum, Ian Wood


Orioles (manager Chris Chalker)

Tim Artis, Zac Daniels, Jason Featherstone, Jordan Frazier, Andrew Kennedy, Beau McNeill, Stuart Robins (after Xmas), Jared Rush, Rod Saxby, Tim Vorwerk, David Wightman.


David (25/10/2015)


On behalf of Baseball Tasmania and its members, I wish to extend our sincere sympathies to Michael Hegarty and family on the passing of his father. David

Umpiring instruction

Chris Chalker will be umpiring Thursday's match between the Eastern Athletics and the Blue Jays. If any member is keen to learn about umpiring, Chris has volunteered to teach them during the game.

Game commences at 5.45 pm.

Game is still on!!

Despite the constant rain earlier in the day, the weather has cleared and the ground has held up well so tonight's game between the Eastern Athletics and the Northern White Sox is still ON!! David

Wet weather policy

With the forecast of rain today, I would like to highlight the league's policy towards wet weather and whether a game either commences or continues.

Under the league's playing conditions (found under "new member info" above),

7. a) WET WEATHER. A game cannot commence if it is raining at the scheduled start time. In the event of wet weather during roster games, it will be at the umpire’s discretion as to play stopping and re-starting. Umpires are to make every effort to ensure that legal games (i.e. 65 minutes) are completed, without compromising player safety.

7. b)  WET WEATHER PRIOR TO A GAME COMMENCING. If there has been heavy or consistent rain falling in the region of the ground on the day of a game, a member of the League Executive may “abandon” a game at least TWO (2) HOURS prior to the scheduled start time. Furthermore, if the Team Managers and umpire, upon seeing the ground, agree there is too much water on the ground to play a safe game, then the umpire will “call” the game off.

NOTE: Roster Matches which are washed out or abandoned will result in a 9-9 draw, and equal points awarded.

If a game is cancelled, then notification will be posted on our Facebook page and the website as soon as practical after the decision is made. We appreciate that with Hobart's weather, conditions can improve dramatically in the two hour period leading up to the game but the chances are that if there has been constant rain, the ground will not be fit to play on. The two hour notification also takes into account those members who have to travel distance to the games and/or have to make arrangements for child minding etc. David

T-ball sessions are back!!

At the end of last season, our Junior Development Officer Nigel O'Brien, conducted some easy going t-ball sessions for children aged 4-9 years. These proved to be very popular and are returning for the new season, the first session to be held on Sunday 30th November. The sessions include basic stuff such as running around the bases, hitting off a tee, throwing etc. To round off the fun afternoon, it has been suggested grabbing an ice cream at the nearby Boathouse kiosk!! 


When: Sunday 30th November 2014

Where: southern end of Cornelian Bay near the gravel car park

Time:   2pm to 3pm

Please keep an eye on our Facebook page or the website for any variations on these details, particularly with regards the weather.


Supporting our neighbours; the State Championships of the Open Softball Women.

On December 6th and 7th, the State Championships of the Open Softball Women will be played at Prince of Wales Bay.

There will be teams competing from Launceston and Ulverstone as well as three teams from Southern Tasmania. One of the southern teams will be the Special Olympics team which recently won a silver medal at the National Special Olympics in Melbourne. Former Athletics' player, Jordan Edwards, is a member of this team and the team is coached by his father, a stalwart of baseball in Hobart, Dave Edwards who is also a fomer Athletics' player.

There will be a night game on the Saturday with the bar and kiosk operating throughout the championship. If you can, get along and support the softball; exciting games are guaranteed. The championship will not impact on our games on the Sunday, other than there will be more vehicular and pedestrian traffic than normal. A roster for the games will be added shortly.

Thanks to Laurie Newman for providing this information. David 19/11/2014

Just reminding you......

Tonight: after 6 pm, Blue Jays hosting a gathering at Hotel Soho, discount food and drinks available for Baseball Tasmania members (ps keep an eye out for the December edition of the Hobart Observer...Zac Shutt and his mo are starring!)

Saturday & Sunday: Women's Open Softball Championships at Prince of Wales Bay: each day starts at 9am. Get along, if you can, to support the games.

Sunday: baseball games at Prince of Wales Bay 10.30 am to 3 pm.

David 5/12/2014

T-ball sessions

A small but enthusiastic group of children attended today's first t-ball session held at Cornelian Bay. Thanks to all who attended and to Nigel O'Brien for organising the activities. Thanks also to Robbie Devine, Chris Chalker and David Bailey for their help and to Jared Rush for his attendance with offer to help. 

Our next t-ball session will be on Sunday 14th December from 2pm to 3pm.

David 30/11/2014

Training night cancelled 16th December

Due to thunderstorm activity around Hobart, tonight's training has been cancelled.

David 16/12/2014

T-ball fun day

Thank you to all those enthusiastic young t-ballers and their parents who attended today's t-ball session at Cornelian Bay. Thanks to Nigel O'Brien for organising the session and to David Bailey, Jesse Warburg and Steve Lovegrove for their help.

David 14/12/2014

Merry Xmas everyone!

Have fun, stay safe. As we enjoy our day, let's spare a thought for those who have lost loved ones this year and those who are battling illnesses. Our thanks go out to those members of the emergency services who are working today. David  25/12/2014

2014 in review

2014 in review (not arranged by Facebook!)


12th January:

The year began with three games in the 2013/14 season at Goodwood Primary School:


 Blue Jays defeated Southern Red Sox   10-0

 Northern White Sox defeated Blue Jays   7-2

 Eastern Athletics defeated Dragons   8-6


29th January:

Now for something completely different, Hot Dogs on the menu for after game festivities, courtesy of the Eastern Athletics!


1st February:

Fundraising Sausage Sizzle held by Tassy Tigers Masters Baseball Team at Moonah Bunnings.


11th February:

First game played at Shoobridge Park Claremont

Dragons defeated Southern Red Sox  11-2


13th February:

Announcement made that due to ongoing player shortage for each team, the Southern Red Sox and the Northern White Sox would merge to finish off the season. This change meant that all four teams would compete in the 2013/14 finals with 1 V 4 and 2 V 3 in the first round.


2nd March:

Semi –finals : Eastern Athletics advanced to their third Grand Final in a row, defeating the combined Sox 11-1. In a thrilling second semi final, full of passion and tension, the Dragons advanced to the Grand Final, defeating the Blue Jays 9-8.


7th March:

Hitting the airwaves; vice president David Searle is interviewed  by Rod Hunt from Edge Radio 99.3 FM


16th March:

2013/14 Grand Final

A wonderful crowd saw the Eastern Athletics win their third Grand Final in a row, defeating the Dragons 14-10, to claim the inaugural Hubble Edwards Premiership Shield.


4th to 6th April:

Tassy Tigers Masters Baseball Team competes in the Victorian Masters Baseball Carnival in Ballarat and finishes third, their highest finish in a number of years. Going into the final day, the Tigers sat atop the standings on run difference but a loss to Sandringham in the final game saw them miss out on the Grand Final.


12th May:

AGM held at Cooley’s Hotel Moonah.

New committee elected:  David Searle (president), Peter McManus (vice president), Peter Hubble (treasurer), Steve Lovegrove (secretary), Nigel O’Brien (junior development officer)



Meetings held with Glenorchy City Council about the possible return of baseball to Prince of Wales Bay Recreation Ground.


9th September:

Sinclair’s Health and Fitness offers a 10% discount on baseball gear to members of Baseball Tasmania


10th September:

New Baseball Tasmania website launched.


5th October:

After an absence of two seasons, baseball returned to Prince of Wales Bay Recreation Ground for the first of three pre-season open days.


6th October:

At a committee meeting, it was decided that, in order to avoid the problems of last season with regards to insufficient players turning up, four teams would compete in the 2014/15 season; the Northern White Sox; Eastern Athletics; Dragons and Blue Jays. Games would be extended to two hours in length from an hour and a half. Each game will have an official scorer with one of the aims being to hold an awards night at season’s end.


19th October:

First roster games played in the 2014/15 Hobart Summer Baseball League (HSBL) season:

Northern White Sox defeated Blue Jays   16-9

Eastern Athletics defeated Dragons   15-13


23rd October to 2nd November

Baseball Tasmania catching gear appears in the stage production, “You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown” at the Peacock Theatre


28th October:

First official training night held at Prince of Wales Bay Recreation Ground.


29th October:

Chris Chalker (Northern White Sox) volunteers to manage an over 35 yr old Masters Team to compete in the 2015 Victorian Masters Baseball Carnival.


6th November:

Uniform orders lodged with All Sports Apparel



11th November:

David Brooks from Northern White Sox wins refund of fees in prize draw


 14th November:

Blue Jays announce they have secured sponsorship from Hotel Soho.


30th November:

First t-ball activities session conducted by Nigel O’Brien at Cornelian Bay sports grounds.


19th December:

Uniforms for Northern White Sox and Eastern Athletics arrive from All Sports Apparel


21st December:

Masters Baseball teams hold fundraising Sausage Sizzle at Rosny Park Bunnings


29th December:

Uniform for Blue Jays arrives from All Sports Apparel

David 31/12/2014


We are back......

Yep, the rumours are true.....we are back....bigger and brighter in 2015.....and tonight sees our first official optional training session. Reminder, this is not only a good opportunity to practice away from the pressures of the game environment but also for those people, male and female, who may have an interest in playing baseball  in the future.

David 13/1/2015

Uniform update

Health warning for Athletics and White Sox members: if you are standing, sit down; if you are driving, pull over; if you have a pacemaker, make sure it is working;  your uniforms have arrived!!

As mentioned previously, the printing on the elite tops of the Blue Jays required extra work but I have been advised they shouldn't be far away! Thank you to All Sports Apparel.

David 19/12/2014

Hotel Soho Hobart Blue Jays' Sponsor's Day Sunday 1st February

To coincide with round 17 of the HSBL, the Blue Jays are hosting the day to honour their team sponsor, Hotel Soho.

The rough schedule for the day will be as follows:

10.30 am   Northern White Sox V Dragons

11.00 am   T-ball session on field opposite diamond

11.00 am   BBQ fired up for food (and there WILL be a different menu!!)

1.00 pm     Eastern Athletics V Hobart Blue Jays


David 28/1/2015

Hotel Soho Hobart Blue Jays' Sponsor's Day Sunday 1st February

A very successful Hotel Soho Hobart Blue Jays day held today. Thanks to Hotel Soho for their contributions and to Zac Shutt for organising the event. Thanks are also extended to the Hobart Blue Jays team as a whole for their help, particularly Josh Byrne, Ryan Oakley and Jacob Stump. Thanks also to Nigel O'Brien and Steve Lovegrove for conducting the t-ball session.

David 1/2/2015


The tops for the Northern White Sox and Eastern Athletics have arrived, the Blue Jays are on their way. Above is a sneak peek....David 24/12/2014

Standings error

Due to an error on my part, the standings, with regards to the Athletics and Blue Jays, have been incorrect. The correct standings are now shown on this page and the upshot is that Wednesday's game between the Eastern Athletics and the Hotel Soho Hobart Blue Jays is a mini final to determine who will meet the Northern White Sox in the semi to be played on Sunday February 22nd.

My sincere apologies to all concerned.

David 14/2/2015

Change of t-ball day

Please note the t-ball session originally set down for Sunday 15th February will now be held on Sunday 22nd February at a time to be announced. 

David 12/2/2015

Call to arms

t is expected that there may be a shortage of players for tonight's game between the Eastern Athletics and the Dragons. If any player would like a run, please come along. Game commences at 5.45 pm.

David 5/2/2015

T-ball and HSBL semi final; Sunday 22nd February

The schedule for this Sunday is as follows:

11.15 am to 12.15 pm

t-ball session run by Nigel O'Brien. Please note, as the forecast shows a hot day, please ensure children have adequate sun protection and a water bottle.

12.30 pm to 2.30 pm:

Semi final: Northern White Sox V Eastern Athletics


The Hotel Soho Hobart Blue Jays will be operating a BBQ on the day.


David 19/2/2015

Hitting the airwaves

At approximately 10.15 am today, Eastern Athletics skipper, Andrew "Sully" Sullivan, will be interviewed on ABC 936....go Sully!

David 20/2/2015 comes down to this....HSBL Grand Final 2014/15

After a successful season where the competition was fierce and there were no easy games, the 2014/15 season of the HSBL will wind up with the Grand Final between the Dragons and the Northern White Sox.

The teams faced each other six times during the season with the Sox holding a 4-2 advantage, however, finals are a different ball game and the Dragons have the experience of playing in last season's final. The Dragons are an excellant fielding side and with their star pitcher Brendan Adams on the mound they are formidable in defence so any opportunities that come the Sox way, must be taken.

The Sox have a number of pitching options available to them, Matt Cashman, Peter McManus and Chris Chalker to name a few, so it will be interesting to see how manager Dave Humphries utilises them, particularly as all three pitched in last week's opressive heat. Whilst the Dragons' offence is reknowned, the Sox are not too shabby either and can bat deep into their order.

The Dragons had the week off as the Sox worked hard in oppresive heat (yep it did get warm for one of our games this year!!) to narrowly defeat the Eastern Athletics but the Sox have shown a resilience to overcome adversity throughout the season. 

This should be a keenly fought game with lots of passion and intensity; good luck to all involved.


Gate opens: approx 11am
Team warm ups from 11.30am
Grand Final commences at 12.30 pm with the Northern White Sox batting first as the away team.
Grand Final concludes approx 2.30 pm
Presentation of Hubble Edwards Shield to winning team
Presentation of President's Award for best player in the Grand Final (as determined by officiating umpires)

The Tasmanian Masters' Teams, which are competing in the Victorian Masters Carnival at the end of March, will be running a BBQ and liquid refreshments will be available for purchase.

David 25/2/2015

Ground conditions

You would have noticed last week that there was excess surface water for our training and games. The majority of this water is a result of the watering system being used to help accelerate the growth of the grass at the southern end of the ground. It is hoped that with the constant care, the area may be advanced enough so that the fence can be moved out in time for at least, our Grand Final. We appreciate it is an inconvenience and we will remove as much excess water as we can. If the team managers and officiating umpire believe the ground is unsafe, the game will be called off however, notwithstanding this, we recommend that players wear the correct footwear for BOTH training and games.

David 17/2/2015


Despite the expanded rosters for each team, at this time of the year there can be many players unable to play due to work and family commitments. As has been the case for the past two seasons, fill-ins for teams will be allowed but the following rules need to be adhered to:

The fill-ins must be placed last in the batting order
The fill-ins are not allowed to catch or pitch
If the fill-in is a new player to the league, they must complete a registration form and pay the upfront fee of $50 before they can play. This is a safety precaution to ensure they are covered by the ABF insurance.

David    3/12/2014

Hotel Soho Blue Jays dugout their new uniforms for did the Sox and Athletics

The new look teams, photos courtesy of Naomi Searle (11/1/2015)

(c) Steve Lovegrove steals second for the Eastern Athletics

(r) Shaun Newbon drives in a run in the Northern White Sox' five run first innings against the Eastern Athletics

(r) Dragons' Adam de Cotter ready for action in their game against the Blue Jays

(below) Brad Howlett at bat for the Hotel Soho Blue Jays

David 16/1/15

Mixed Social 7's

Want something to "keep your eye in" during the off season?.......the Southern Tasmanian Softball Association is running a Mixed Social 7's (slowpitch version of softball) competition during the off season. 

Some of the variations that make Social 7's a fun game:

teams only require seven players
four innings per team
every player bats every innings
average game length of 50 minutes
high scoring: every base gained is a run
a new pitcher in each innings
a "strike zone mat" is used...if the pitch lands on the mat it is a strike.

For more information or to register, please contact one of the following:

David 20/3/2015

Social 7's Family Day 29th August 2015

On Saturday 29th August, commencing at 10 am, Southern Softball will be conducting a Social 7's Family Day at Corrie Jones Park (formerly Softball Park). 

Slow pitch proved to be a success during the winter months and this is an opportunity for baseball and softball to get together for a fun day of activities. 

Teams are mixed with a maximum of seven players. Each player bats and the games last for four innings. If you are interested in forming a team or even being added to a team, registrations can be made at:

Social 7's Family Day registrations

If you would like any further information, please contact Evelyn Seabourne at

David 11/8/2015

Blasting from the Past

Team that represented Tasmania in the 1975 under 13 baseball carnival held in Brisbane. Wouldn't it be great to have junior teams again?!!! Thanks to Diane Palmer, treasurer of Southern Softball for the article. David 3/5/2015 Bryan Denne's uniform from a long time ago Peewee program from 1978 David 12/5/2015

Informal practice 4th October

Following on from our informal training last weekend, a few guys expressed interest in having another session next have secured the ground for another session commencing at 11 am.

David 29/9/2015


As Ian Wood, Jesse Warburg, John Langenberg, Steve Lovegrove and David Brooks made their off season debuts, we welcomed David Whiteman and Tim Artis to the HSBL and marvelled at Chris Morrison's continued power to all parts of the field. Grant Stump put in an appearance. Thank you to all those who attended and to Zac Shutt for his coaching assistance.

David 20/9/2015


Unless you hear from me to the contrary, there will be two more informal training sessions on Sunday 20th and 27th September. Sessions will commence approx 11 am and will be held at the baseball diamond, Prince of Wales Bay.

David 15/9/2015


What great weather for baseball training and what a wonderful turnout. Thank you very much to all who attended. Welcome to new players, Ruth Bennett and Chris Morrison, to returning players, Pedro Rodriquez and Dean Chamberlain, and to off season debutants, David Humphries, Chris Chalker, Adam de Cotter and Ryan Oakley. Thank you to Zac Shutt for his training assistance. Great to also see Steve Lovegrove up and about. David


Weather permitting, there will be another informal training this Sunday (13th) at approx 11 am on the baseball ground.

David 7/9/2015


There was sunshine!!!! yes folks, there was sunshine as Matt Cashman and Aaron Jarvis made their off season "debuts", joining Jared Rush, Isaac Daniels, Nicolas Cabrera and I for some baseball fun. Thanks to Matt for actually reminding me to read the instructions on the pitching machine!!

David 30/8/2015


Weather permitting, there will be another informal training this Sunday (30th) at approx 11 am on the baseball ground.

David 27/8/2015


Next Sunday (16th) there will be an informal session of throwing, batting etc at the baseball ground, commencng approx 11 am. A LIMITED supply of spare gloves available. If there are any ladies interested in trying out baseball, please feel free to join us.

David 13/8/2015

At today's informal training, we welcomed Jordan Frazier (who may rival Stuart Robbins for the biggest hit in the not too distant future!!) to HSBL, saw off-season debuts by Paul McIntyre; Richard Benoit and Roly Trustum; saw Isaac Daniels demonstrate how to hit to the opposite field and marveled at the left handed power of Nicolas Cabrera (now there is a famous baseball surname!!). Thank you to all for attending.

David 16/8/2015

Current standings

Final standings for season 2014/15.






Games behind













Northern White Sox









Eastern Athletics









Hotel Soho Hobart Blue Jays










To explain:

for each game washed out, the teams receive 1/2 win and 1/2 loss with a tied score of 9-9

2015/16 Teams and pre-season competition.

All going well, the squads for the pre-season competition will be posted on our website by the end of the weekend. Once again, apologies for the delay. Based on our experiences of the last couple of seasons, we are aiming to advance our competition even further and ensure the fairest possible outcome for all participants.

David (24/10/2015)


As mentioned previously, the committee is currently looking at setting up teams for the new season. This process involves allocating new players to teams but in so doing, getting that balance right between ensuring we have viable teams each week AND that each player gets adequate playing time. The last two seasons have seen the concerning sides of both scenarios, squads that were too big and squads that were too small, the latter resulting in the collapsing of two teams. Part of the issue with our current allocation is that some existing players have not indicated to their managers what their intentions are for the new season. If you have not contacted your manager, please do so as soon as possible or call me on 0468 927 363. Thank you.

David (22/10/2015)

Lengthy discussions were held at last night's committee meeting regarding the make-up of the teams for the 2015/16 season. Discussions included the possibility of introducing a fifth team to lessen the pressure on team managers and to ensure more playing time across the board. Of course, past history has shown this to be fraught with danger however, discussions are ongoing and we will finalise teams on Sunday. Apologies for any inconvenience this delay may cause.

Notwithstanding my comments above, our first pre-season competition will hit off next week with two games:
Wednesday 28th: Northern White Sox V Hotel Soho Hobart Blue Jays 5.45pm
Thursday 29th: Dragons V Eastern Athletics 5.45pm. 
All games are played at Prince of Wales Bay Recreation Ground and first named team is the home team (third base dugout). 

David 21/10/2015

Pre-season competition

4th November 2015: Power was the order of the night as the Dragons overcame the Northern White Sox 17-9. For the Dragons, Tim Holland and Rhys Watts each hit two homers and Kay Hong returned to the HSBL with a bang to hit a 3 run homer. For the Sox, David Brooks hit a Grand Slam and David Searle hit a two run homer. Terese Millhouse collected her first hit for the Sox. Welcome to the HSBL to Charlie Cho, Ross Peters and Grant Snyman. Thank you to Michael Hegarty for umpiring.


29th October 2015: The score seemed immaterial in the second of our pre-season games as the reigning premiers, the Northern White Sox took on the Eastern Athletics. The big news was the participation of our first two female players, Terese Millhouse (Sox) and Jan Menzies (Athletics) and the presence of two bat boys, Connor Pearcey (Sox) and Tyler Stanfield (Athletics). Chris Morrison made his HSBL game debut and it was very pleasing to see Shane Bromfield watching on with interest. Our hope would be that Shane would  return to the diamond in the not too distant future.


28 October 2015: Hotel Soho Hobart Blue Jays defeated Dragons 10-9. New players Tim Holland (Dragons) and Shane Stanfield (Blue Jays) showed they will be forces to be reckoned with in the new season as they flashed their power game in tonight's opening match of the pre-season. Both homered as the Blue Jays rallied to sneak past the Dragons. 

Hobart Summer Baseball League 2015/16 Round 1

A sunny day greeted the players and spectators for the opening round of the 2015/16 HSBL season at Prince of Wales Bay Recreation Ground today.

The Eastern Athletics took on the very powerful batting line-up of the Dragons and were soon in a hole, trailing 12-1 after three innings. Kay Hong, Michael Blake and Shane Davies provided the power with solo home runs and things looked decidedly bleak for the Athletics. A seven run fifth innings by the Athletics, highlighted by a two run home run by Aaron Mann, saw them draw closer but they were unable to make any further significant inroads into the lead and fell 15-9. Hong starred for the Dragons with two hits from three at bats whilst Chris Morrison had the same stats for the Athletics. 

In the afternoon game, the reigning premiers, the Northern White Sox, took on the Hotel Soho Hobart Blue Jays and jumped out to an early lead 4-0. Poor defence didn't help the Sox' cause thereafter and the Blue Jays had soon erased that deficit to lead 7-4 after just one innings. Poor defence and an inability to drive home base runners in scoring position continued to plague the Sox as the Blue Jays powered away to a 15-7 victory. For the winners, Steve Harris went two for three and Roly Trustum went two for two. Chris Cooper, Matt Drumm, Matt Fox, David Humphries and Grant Stump all got two hits for the Sox.

Thanks to Chris Chalker for umpiring both games behind the plate, to Shane Bromfield and Chris Morrison for base umpiring, to Jared Rush for scoring both games and to Naomi Searle for her photography.

David (15/11/2015)