Victorian Masters Carnival Ballarat 2015

The Victorian Masters Carnival for 2015 will be held in Ballarat from Friday 27th March to Sunday 29th March inclusive

Modifications for 2015 Carnival



First, on length of games.


From next year, all games (preliminary and finals games) will be of the same duration.

In earlier years we played two hour games across the board. However, with time constraints created through more teams being entered, we reduced preliminary games to ninety minutes and kept finals at two hours. We accept that there is a perceived inconsistency there and we have resolved to make all games the same length (most likely to be ninety minutes in 2015).

Secondly, on physical contact between players.

Consistent with what is being done at the highest levels in the sport (and in Masters it should be an ever greater imperative), we need to discourage any deliberate or negligent physical contact.

Accordingly, we will be writing into our rules a provision that no deliberate or negligent physical contact between players is acceptable (in particular, on plays at the home plate). In any tag or force situation, runners will be required either to slide or to give up on the play. Any conduct that in the umpires’ opinion was either negligent or deliberate in causing physical contact (or attempting any physical contact) will result in a mandatory “out” call and the ejection of the offending player for the rest of that game.

Those two changes to Tournament Rules will cause few if any arguments. The next issue is not so clear-cut and may create some concern in a Masters baseball community that is known for its adaptability, its sense of fair play and its capacity to be flexible in certain instances.


On the matter of age groupings, we will be proposing the following for the 2015 Carnival.

There will be three age groupings – 35 Plus, 45 Plus and 50 Plus.


To be eligible for any group, a player will need to have reached that age in the year of competition.


For 35 Plus, there will be no exceptions (thus, for example, if a player turns 35 on 31 December 2015, he will be allowed to play in a 35 Plus team).


For 45 Plus, there will be no exceptions (so if a player turns 45 on 31 December he will be allowed to play in a 45 Plus team).


For 50 Plus, any team will be allowed provision for a maximum of two under-aged players, who will have to be over 48 years of age at the time of the Carnival. Those players, or the Team Manager, will be required to apply for exemption on a case-by-case base (IE it will not be automatic). The application would be heard by a Masters Council appointed well prior to the series and made up of three persons with a proven commitment to Masters baseball.

The Masters Council would make its call on a majority vote, taking into account all of the circumstances.

All participants need to hold current ABF/BV registration and insurance under the current national regime (and/or such private health insurance as deemed necessary). The overwhelming majority already have ABF/BV registration and insurance. 

Keep in touch with the Carnival website and Facebook page for developments over coming months.


Masters teams fundraiser

On Saturday 14th March, the Masters teams will be holding a fundraising BBQ at Moonah Bunnings from 8.30 am to approx 4 pm. Whilst we have some volunteers already, we are looking for anyone else who may be able to spare just an hour of their time to help out. If you can help, please contact Chris Chalker on 0407 579 039. 

Thank you

David 3/3/2015

Upcoming games: Victorian Masters Carnival

(first named team is home team and will occupy the third base dugout)

Thursday March 26th 6.30 pm: Over 35 Red:

                            City Brewers  2    V   Tassy Tigers      2 (game abandoned after two innings due to rain)


Friday March 27th 12.30 pm Over 45 Div 2:

                            Tassy Tigers  6  V Big Cat Tomatoes  9

                             2.30 pm Over 35 Red:

                             Cods 9  V Tassy Tigers 5

Saturday March 28th 8.30 am Over 35 Red:

                             Tassy Tigers 5  V Pandas  6

                               2.30 pm Over 45 Div 2:

                             Tassy Tigers 14  V Werribee Bees  4

                               4.30 pm Over 45 Div 2:

                              Newport Rams 10  V Tassy Tigers  13

Sunday March 29th   8.30 am Over 45 Div 2:

                              Bendigo V Tassy Tigers

                               10.30 am Over 35 Red:

                             Tassy Tigers V Red Sox


David 6/3/2015

Over 45's team

Tasmania's over 45 baseball team to participate at the Victorian Masters Baseball Carnival, commencing on Friday 27th March in Ballarat.

Jamie McIntyre; David Humphries; Michael Hegarty; Peter Hubble; Steve Harris; Steve Millington; Grant Stump; Noel Peters; Peter McManus; Steve Lovegrove; Rob Permyakoff; Dave Coad.

Team "mascot": Paul McIntyre.

Thanks to the Masters' teams' sponsors: Haymes Paints Ballarat; Bennetto Finance & Kennedy Bros Painters.

David 21/3/2015

2015 Victorian Masters Carnival report

Wahoo!!!!!! We are the champions!!!!! The Tassy Tigers over 45's have won the division 2 Grand Final, 12-1 over the Big Cat Tomatoes.

Congratulations to Jamie McIntyre; Peter Hubble; Michael Hegarty; Steve Lovegrove; Grant Stump; Steve Harris; Noel Peters; Dave Coad; David Humphries; Peter McManus; Steve Millington and Rob Permyakoff, ably assisted by Paul McIntrye and Jared Rush.

Thank you very much to Glenn Meehan for the regular updates.

PS I have it on good authority that in a team effort, Grant "Stumpy" Stump went 3 for 3!! 


In congratulating the over 45's on their great Grand Final victory and the over 35's on a very good debut carnival, we would also like to congratulate and thank the proud sponsors of our two teams, Haymes Paints Ballarat, Bennetto Finance and Kennedy Bros Painters.


Extract from the Victorian Masters Baseball Carnival website:

"In 45 Plus Division One, it was Big Cat Tomatoes who delivered the goods with a strong 9-4 result over Coburg – another perennial finalist – while Tassy Tigers excited their band of engaged supporters with a thumping 12-1 result over a Tomatoes second side playing in its first 45 Plus Division Two series in this group. For the Tassy boys, too, it was their first finals appearance – and one that delivered their first title in nine years of travelling across for the series....

...While we congratulate the winners and we acknowledge the efforts of all teams making it to the playoff stage, we pay homage to all of our participants – and all of our twenty-one teams – for making this series another outstanding success.

Masters sport can be a seriously uplifting event, which largely explains and defines the popularity of this unique event. Once again, all teams, officials and supporters embraced the spirit of participation, healthy competitiveness, social engagement and fun that underpin the Carnival.

To the new team entries, and to all of our new players, we again say welcome. To all we extend our congratulations and our appreciation for the manner in which you honoured and further strengthened Carnival principles."


Special mention and appreciation must also be extended to Michael Hegarty & Jamie McIntyre (45's) and Chris Chalker (35's) for organising the trip/teams; to those interstate players who helped out our teams; to Jared Rush for scoring; to Paul McIntyre for base coaching (and no doubt vocal support ); to Karen Wilkinson and Steve Lovegrove for their photos and to Glenn Meehan for his regular live updates.



1.40pm update: Tassy Tigers over 45's leading the Big Cat Tomatoes, 11-1 with three more outs to get!!


1.15pm At approximately the half way point of the final, the Tassy Tigers over 45's LEAD 9-0!! Go Tassy go!

Thank you again to our roving reporter, Glenn Meehan, for the updates. 

Earlier, the Tassy Tigers over 35's had a heart breaking 7-6 loss to the Red Sox in extra innings. The newbies have done exceptionally well and we are all very proud of you. 



WE WIN!!! Yes, hot off the diamond, the Tassy Tigers over 45's have defeated Bendigo 11-4 to advance to their first ever final!!! Go team!!!

In other news, rumour ciculating that Aaron Jarvis is about to make his pitching debut!! Good luck Aaron, good luck to the Over 35's!

David 10.35am.



Sunday 29th March: Article from Victorian Masters Website: 

"45 Plus Division Two is at a fascinating stage, with Tassy Tigers, Bendigo and Big Cat Tomatoes locked at two wins and a loss each heading into the final preliminary round on Sunday morning, while Fitzroy, Newport and the Bees have all notched a win and will be keen to finish on a high note".

Today's games:

8.30 am Bendigo V Tassy Tigers over 45's

10.30 am Tassy Tigers over 35 V Red Sox


Upshot is, if the over 45's win their morning match, they will be in the final of their division to be played at 12.30pm! Go Tassy! 


Saturday 28th March:

5.55pm report:

Tassy over 45's defeated Werribee Bees (last score I had was they were leading 13-4) and were a run up with ten minutes to go against the Rams. Update: extra innings being played. Top of extra innings, we have scored one run, one out, bases loaded! Another run scores for us! Thanks to Glenn Meehan from the over 35's for the updates! Another run scores....we have a lead of three going into the bottom half of the innings! Steve "Muscles" Harris, throwing heat, closes out the game for us....WE WIN!!!

Unfortunately, the Tassy over 35's were defeated by Ballarat 10-0 in their afternoon game.


Game 1: up before the sparrows, Tassy Tigers over 35's defeated by the Pandas by one run. Our roving reporter and ace photographer, Steve Lovegrove reports the boys played very well.

Next games:

2.30 pm  Tassy over 45's V Werribee Bees

              Tassy over 35's V Ballarat (rescheduled game from Thursday night)

4.30 pm Tassy over 45's V Newport Rams





Final result:  Cods  9  defeated Tassy over 35's  5.

Update: 3.30pm Over 35's trailing 8-4 against Cods.



Latest updates from Ballarat. Over 45's played their first game of the carnival against the Big Cat Tomatoes. At one stage, we led 6-5 but BCT loaded the bases late and would eventually win 9-6. The bad news began early when, catcher and rbi machine, Steve Lovegrove popped a tendon in his glove hand forefinger in the first innings!!! Next up, at 2.30 pm, the over 35's take on the Cods.

David 27/3/2015 2.15 pm.


"The Victorian Masters has for nineteen years set the trends and the standards for mature-aged sport. This time around it was a more dubious opening than we might have expected.

For this first time in its illustrious history, the Carnival was affected by weather to the extent that the Thursday night game between Ballarat and Tassie Tigers in 35 Plus had to be abandoned after 35 minutes or so – with the score at 2-2.

Teams have agreed to reschedule the contest for 2.30 PM on Saturday.

With conditions predicted to improve significantly through Friday and over the weekend, we are poised for another fantastic weekend of Masters baseball at Prince of Wales Reserve."


Extract from Victorian Masters Carnival website.


The Over 35's made their Victorian Masters Carnival debut against the local Ballarat side in tonight's game. Tassy got off to a flyer with Brendan Adams driving in our first two runs but Ballarat fought back to even the score until rain abandoned play after two completed innings. 

David 26/3/2015

Mastering the print media

The word is that a report on our Masters teams is in the May edition of the Glenorchy Gazette. I will post a link on here shortly but in the meantime, the newsagency opposite Northgate usually stocks the paper. The same article will appear in the May editions of the Eastern Shore Sun and the Hobart Observer.

Any requests for Michael's autograph must be addressed to "the peoples' champion" but I am sure he would much rather he was able to provide autographs directly at the get together on June 13th!


Glenorchy Gazette May edition. page 27

Hobart Observer May edition page 19

Eastern Shore Sun page 26

David 8/5/2015