Raiders win!!!

A historic day, on Sunday 15th January 2017, the latest team in the Raine & Horne HSBL, the Raiders, won their first game by defeating the Northern White Sox, 11-8. Trailing 8-4 after four innings, the Raiders were looking down the barrel of a 12th straight loss but they rallied to score seven runs in the top of the fifth then Stuart Smith held the Sox off the board in the bottom of that innings. In a team effort, Smith with 3 for 4 and Michael Campbell with 2 for 3 headed the batting stats whilst Dave Curtis combined with Smith to contain the Sox' batting line-up. Congratulations to the Raiders!! (L to R back) Ryan Day; Mark Grant; Dave Curtis; Patrick Merrick Sr; Patrick Merrick Jr (L to R front) Stuart Smith; Shawn Batchelor; Josh Moon; Michael Campbell Absent: Amanda Barchard; Aaron Wale; Steve Galloway; Lachlan Fieldhouse; Max Evans David (16/1/2017)

Raiders begin their HSBL career

The Raiders began there Raine & Horne HSBL journey with a close loss 9-8 to the Banjos Orioles Black. Their opening day squad was: left to right standing: Michael Campbell, Ryan Day, Aaron Wale, Dave Curtis, Patrick Merrick, Steve Galloway; left to right crouching: Patrick Merrick Jr, Stuart Smith, Shawn Batchelor,

Inaugural Raiders members 2016/17

Amanda Barchard

Shawn Batchelor

Michael Campbell

Dave Curtis

Ryan Day

Max Evans

Lachlan Fieldhouse

Steve Galloway

Patrick Merrick

Patrick Merrick Jr

Josh Moon

Stuart Smith

Stephen Sweet

Aaron Wale