Statistically speaking

Ok here are the final stats to be revealed prior to the Presentation Night to be held on April 1st. To qualify for these stats, a player must have had a minimum of 29 plate appearances. Thank you very much to Chris Morrison for compiling these stats and to Nikki Morrison, Jared Rush, Brad Howlett, Steve Galloway, Norm Johns and Peter Hubble for scoring, without all your efforts, we don't have information from which to derive these stats. These stats are up to and including round 16. Bear in mind, the batting stats are done on a minimum of 29 plate appearances. As other players reach this minimum, they will become eligible so figures could change dramatically. David (28/1/2016)


Linton Burgess (Banjos Orioles Orange) 19
Aaron Jarvis (Dragons) 19
Sam Morrison (Eastern Athletics) 16
Adam de Cotter (Dragons) 15
Lyndon Hutchinson (Banjos Orioles Orange) 14
Mark Grant (Northern White Sox) 14

Hit by pitch:

Nik Wolf (Banjos Orioles Orange) 6
Aaron Jarvis (Dragons) 4
Jesse Warburg (Eastern Athletics) 4

Runs batted in (RBI's):

Jimmy Clout (Banjos Orioles Orange) 24
Zac Shutt (Hotel Soho Hobart Blue Jays) 24
James Wolfe (Eastern Athletics) 24
Nick Fenton (Banjos Orioles Black) 20
Chris Chalker (Banjos Orioles Black) 20

Home runs:

Jimmy Clout (Banjos Orioles Orange) 4
Nick Fenton (Banjos Orioles Black) 3
Chris Chalker (Banjos Orioles Black) 3
Harney Burgess (Banjos Orioles Orange) 3
Zac Shutt (Hotel Soho Hobart Blue Jays) 3
James Wolfe (Eastern Athletics) 3

On base average:

Lyndon Hutchinson (Banjos Orioles Orange) 0.690
James Wolfe (Eastern Athletics) 0.658
Linton Burgess (Banjos Orioles Orange) 0.649
Zac Shutt (Hotel Soho Hobart Blue Jays) 0.636
Josh Byrne (Hotel Soho Hobart Blue Jays) 0.625

League batting average:

James Wolfe (Eastern Athletics) 0.600
Nick Fenton (Banjos Orioles Black) 0.563
Shawn Batchelor (Raiders) 0.520
Lyndon Hutchinson (Banjos Orioles Orange) 0.519
Stuart Smith (Raiders) 0.515
Zac Shutt (Hotel Soho Hobart Blue Jays) 0.500
Josh Byrne (Hotel Soho Hobart Blue Jays) 0.500
Chris Chalker (Banjos Orioles Black) 0.486
Brad Howlett (Hotel Soho Hobart Blue Jays) 0.478
James Jubb (Eastern Athletics) 0.475

Team by team batting average leader:

Banjos Orioles Black: Nick Fenton 0.563
Banjos Orioles Orange: Lyndon Hutchinson 0.519
Dragons: Brendan Adams 0.471
Eastern Athletics: James Wolfe 0.600
Hotel Soho Hobart Blue Jays: Zac Shutt 0.500
Northern White Sox: David Searle 0.462
Raiders: Shawn Batchelor 0.520