Raine & Horne HSBL season 2016/17: Grand Final: Banjos Orioles Orange V Dragons

Squads for Grand Final:

4 Dean Chamberlain
6 Chris Harris
12 Aaron Jarvis
16 Michael Blake
17 Fiona Don
26 Shannon Davies
29 Brendan Adams
36 Leigh Johns
69 Adam de Cotter
75 Patrick Miller
98 Tim Holland
99 Shane Davies
Banjos Orioles Orange:
2 Beau McNeil
3 Sam Langfeldt
8 Mandy McGuinness
11 Jimmy Clout
15 Jared Rush
20 Stuart Robins
23 Lyndon Hutchinson
32 Isaac Daniels
33 Linton Burgess
36 Harney Burgess
44 Andrew Dykes
99 Nik Wolf

David (4/3/2017)



This is it!!! The 2016/17 Grand Final will be played on Sunday 5th March between Banjos Orioles Orange and the Dragons. 

Program for the day:

10 am: Chalky's Chics V Rookies

11.30am: T-ball: Little O's V Hobart Giants

1pm: Grand Final 

Final will be played over 9 innings with a pitcher allowed to pitch only four innings but they do not have to be consecutive. The mercy rule applies whereby if one team leads the other by more than 10 runs after 5 completed innings, the game is called.

Following the completion of the game, presentations will be made to the winning team.

A BBQ will be run by the League/Masters with lucky"door" prizes available.

David (2/3/2017)


Finals' program:

Sunday 26th

Dragons 8 defeated Banjos Orioles Black 7

Eastern Athletics 8 defeated Hotel Soho Hobart Blue Jays 3

Tuesday 28th February

Banjos Orioles Orange 6 defeated Eastern Athletics  4

Wednesday 1st March

Dragons 9 defeated Hotel Soho Hobart Blue Jays 4


David (2/3/2017)