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10th September 2014

Welcome to the Raine & Horne, Hobart Summer Baseball League

Over the last three to four seasons, we have been actively seeking sponsors for the league, in particularly, a sponsor which would take up a naming rights' option. I am thrilled to announce that Raine & Horne Hobart have today come on board as our first Platinum Sponsor which means that our league will now be known as the Raine & Horne, Hobart Summer Baseball League. Thank you very much to Ron, Paul and David Brooks. David (29/9/2016) http://www.raineandhorne.com.au/hobart

The week ahead........(updated 24/10/2016)

Wednesday 26th October:

Lindisfarne Cubs & Orioles T-ball training 4.30 pm Salacia Ave Howrah 4.30 pm

HSBL Optional league training 5.30pm to 7.30pm Prince of Wales Bay Recreation Ground (please note, from next week on, training will be on Mondays)

Saturday 29th October: Opening of the Batter Up T-ball Season for 2016/17 9am

Sunday 30th October:        Round three of the Raine & Horne HSBL for 2016/17:

                                        10am:        Banjos Orange Orioles V Raider

                                         12.15pm:  Northern White Sox V Banjos Orioles Black

                                         2.30pm:    Hotel Soho Hobart Blue Jays V Eastern Athletics


David (24/10/2016)

In the beginning....

The Raiders began there Raine & Horne HSBL journey with a close loss 9-8 to the Banjos Orioles Black. Their opening day squad was: left to right standing: Michael Campbell, Ryan Day, Aaron Wale, Dave Curtis, Patrick Merrick, Steve Galloway; left to right crouching: Patrick Merrick Jr, Stuart Smith, Shawn Batchelor,

Raine & Horne HSBL season 2016/17: round two

Today's results:

Banjos Orioles Orange 7 defeated Hotel Soho Hobart Blue Jays 4

Dragons 15 defeated Eastern Athletics 2

Banjos Orioles 9 defeated Raiders 8

Match reports:

For the second weekend in a row, players had to endure horrible weather conditions with light rain falling at times and a stiff breeze blowing for most of the day.

The opening game of the round saw the two big winners from last week, the Orioles and the Blue Jays take on each other. Stuart Robins drove in Michael Parks for the first run of the game in the top of the first as the Orioles took an early lead against the pitching of Peter Hubble. With Jimmy Clout holding the Jays scoreless through the first three innings, the Orioles added to their lead to have a 4-0 advantage after three, Harney Burgess hitting a solo home run in the second innings. The Jays got on the board in the bottom of the fourth when Hubble drove in Zac Shutt but the Orioles responded immediately to increase their lead to 7-1, heads up running by Lyndon Hutchinson scoring the first then Clout driving in Parks and Linton Burgess for the next two. The Jays did rally to score two in the bottom of the fifth, Josh Byrne driving in Warwick Johnston and Ian Wood, and a run in the bottom of sixth but they were unable to bridge the gap any further and the Orioles remained undefeated. For the winners, Hutchinson and Robins went 3 for 3, Parks & Clout went 2 for 4 and first year player, Sam Langfeldt went 2 for 3. For the Jays, Shutt continued his torrid start to the season going 2 for 2, as did Byrne, whilst Hubble and Steve Millington each went 2 for 3.

Game two saw the return of James Wolfe to the HSBL but whilst he had not lost any of his talent, hitting a two run home run to briefly give the Eastern Athletics the lead in the bottom of the second innings, his team was eventually overwhelmed by the very powerful Dragons outfit. Dean Chamberlain starred for the Dragons going 4 for 5 and was ably supported by Chris Harris 2 for 3 and Shane Davies 2 for 4. For the Athletics, Steve Lovegrove and James Jubb went 2 for 2.

The late afternoon game saw the new team to the league, the Raiders, take on the Banjos Orioles Black. This was a thrilling game from start to finish but marred by a serious injury to Raiders' pitcher, Shawn Batchelor. The Raiders jumped out to score three in their first innings in the HSBL, Aaron Wale driving in Batchelor and Ryan Day for the first runs then scoring himself on a walk to Michael Campbell. Not to be outdone, the Orioles responded with three of their own in the bottom of the innings, heads up running by both Ryan Fenton and Chris Chalker scoring two of the runs. Back came the Raiders with two more runs in the top of the second and after holding the Orioles scoreless in the bottom of that innings, led 5-3 going into the third. After the Raiders failed to score in the top of the innings, Chalker scored his second run of the game in the bottom of the third as part of a three run innings and the Orioles had gained a 6-5 lead. Stuart Smith made his return to the HSBL a memorable one as his double drove in two of three Raiders' runs in the top of the fourth and his team had jumped out to an 8-6 lead! First year players, Tom Ridgeway and Bradley Mabb scored early runs for the Orioles in the bottom of the fourth to even up the scores and when Ryan Fenton drove in Greg Ross, the Orioles had come from behind to record a thrilling 9-8 victory. For the Orioles, Chalker went 2 for 2 with Fenton and Ross both going 2 for 3. 

Thank you to all those players who braved today's conditions, to David Humphries, Linton Burgess and Grant Stump for plate umpiring, to Gene Wheeler for base umpiring all three games and to Helen and Jared for scoring. Special thanks to Terese Millhouse, David Brooks and Bree de Cotter who looked after the BBQ for most of the day and to Banjos Glenorchy for once again donating the bread.

David (18/10/2016)


Daily News (updated 13/10)

First with news......


Training will be held tonight from 5.30 to 7.30. It is unlikely the main ground will have recovered from yesterday so we have been granted access to the ground behind softball.

David ( 13/10)


As with the last few seasons, Baseball Tasmania will be conducting a draw to refund the total fees to one lucky member who has paid their total fees by a determined date. This season that date is 30th November 2016.

The players currently eligible for this draw are:

David Browning          (Banjos Orioles Black)

Josh Byrne                (Hotel Soho Hobart Blue Jays)

Jimmy Clout             (Banjos Orioles Orange)

Alan Dickins             (Eastern Athletics)

Jason Featherstone  (Banjos Orioles Black)

Mark Grant               (Northern White Sox)

Steve Harris             (Hotel Soho Hobart Blue Jays)

Brad Howlett             (Hotel Soho Hobart Blue Jays)

David Humphries       (Northern White Sox)

John Langenberg       (Eastern Athletics)

Sam Langfeldt           (Banjos Orioles Orange)

Steve Lovegrove        (Eastern Athletics)

Jamie McIntyre         (Banjos Orioles Black)

Beau McNeill            (Banjos Orioles Orange)

Ryan Oakley             (Hotel Soho Hobart Blue Jays)

Zac Shutt                  (Hotel Soho Hobart Blue Jays)

Stuart Smith               (Raiders)

Andrew Sullivan         (Eastern Athletics)

Roly Trustum             (Hotel Soho Hobart Blue Jays)

Dean Vervaart            (Northern White Sox)

Aaron Wale                (Raiders)

Jesse Warburg           (Eastern Athletics)

David Wightman         (Banjos Orioles Black)

Ian Wood                  (Hotel Soho Hobart Blue Jays)


Scoring a hit...

Jesse & Eamon Warburg proudly showing the scoreboard they constructed. Thank you very much to both for all their work. Worked a treat on opening day!!! David (10/10/2016)

Important request

Ok....as we near the start of the Raine & Horne HSBL 2016/17 season, it is now very important that those players from last season who have not contacted their manager, please do so to indicate their intentions for this season. Also, if there are any people who are interested in playing but have not been able to attend either of the Come & Try Days, please contact me ASAP on 0468 927 363 or message me via this forum. Thank you.

David (3/10/2016)

HSBL Seven team roster for 2016/17

Click here to view roster

Points of note:

  • First named team is the home team, will be located in the third base dugout and bat second
  • First three rounds are played on Sundays to allow for each team to have access to a fundraising BBQ and to minimise the impact of fading light early in the daylight saving months
  • 21 rounds with each team playing 18 games
  • training nights will generally be on Monday but check roster for anomalies
  • Northern Pirates will visit on the weekend of the 22nd October. Further information on the format of this weekend will be provided soon.
  • one Monday evening game in the week of the Australia Day holiday
  • the finals format is tenative and will be determined at a later date
  • the roster has been constructed on the basis of the predicted seven teams BUT we are not restricted by it should we deem it necessary to add or subtract teams

What a way to open the pre-season....

What a great turnout for our first "Come and Try" day with 50 players, old and new, taking to the field. Thank you very much to all those who attended, to Chris Chalker for organising activities and to all those coaches who helped. Later today I will contact new players with confirmation of the team to which they have been allocated for the pre-season which commences on Tuesday. There will be another "Come and Try" Day next Sunday, from 11am to 1pm.

David (25/9/2016)

Smoking policy

As we near the start of the 2016/17, I would just like to remind members and spectators about the law regarding smoking around sporting events.

"Tasmanian legislation (Public Health Act 1997) bans smoking within 20 metres of competition, seating or marshalling areas at outdoor sportsgrounds while a sporting event is being conducted. This includes the period 30 minutes before and after the sporting event. It does not include informal or impromptu sporting activities.
Coaches, players, officials and volunteers will refrain from smoking while involved in an official capacity for the Association and affiliated club, on and off the field. No images of Association volunteers, members, officials, coaches and players smoking at Association-related activities are to be placed on social media."

It is the responsibility of managers and administrators to ensure these rules are adhered to. (The full document is located under New Member Information "Health & Safety"

David (13/9/2016)

Scorers, base umpires and umpiring co-ordinator requested...

Our committee works tirelessly to help our season progress and the enthusiasm for our upcoming season and our future is amazing. In the last couple of seasons, we have seen the benefits of having scorers and plate umpires (as opposed to catchers umpiring). As the league continues to expand, it is a no-brainer that we need to improve the integrity of our game by including base umpires. In the absence of any alternatives, the base umpires will be sourced from the teams. Members of the Masters' teams have plate umpired the bulk of our games for a number of years but it is important that we have an umpiring roster so that both umpires and teams know where they stand. I support Chris Chalker's post on Facebook calling for someone (other than a committee member) to help organise an umpiring roster. Whilst I believe the Master's players would once again be willing to plate umpire, it is unfair to both them and the teams not to have some idea (in advance) as to when they will be umpiring. The alternative is to have me umpiring each game....hmmm...could be interesting!!

David (24/9/2016)


One of the success stories of the 2014/15 season was the Presentation Night held in March. This night, and the awards presented thereon, would not have happened without the statistics obtained from the scoring of our games by Jared Rush and Norm Johns. There is a strong chance Norm will not be scoring in the 2015/16 season so I am inviting expressions of interest from not only members but also supporters to learn how to score and thus spread the load of scoring our games. Peter Hubble has volunteered his services to teach people how to score.

David 22/6/2015

Northern Pirates visit 2016 cancelled (updated 17/9/2016)

Sadly, I have to announce that the Northern Pirates will not be visiting this season.

David (17/9/2016)


The Northern Pirates from Wollongong are keen to visit Hobart for another round of games in 2016. Speaking with players at the recent 50th anniversary celebrations, they thoroughly enjoyed their time here last year and are excited at the prospect of visiting in 2016. Chris Chalker has been in contact with the Pirates and their preferred weekend for visiting is the weekend of October 22nd. There are potentially exciting events in the future for baseball in Hobart and as part of that, we welcome the ongoing connection with the Northern Pirates. We are calling on all those who may be able to provide some assistance by arranging activities, helping out etc. If you are able to help, please contact Chris Chalker.

Thank you

David (13/7/2016)

Orioles open training session..

Pending confirmation of ground availability, there will be another Orioles training session this Sunday from 12.30 to 2.30pm. This is open to all and gives those hoping to learn pitching, the opportunity to do so.

David (14/9/2016)


Cricket Tasmania's Andrew Dykes joined other Orioles' recruits Ryan & Nick Fenton; Greg Ross; Lyndon Hutchinson, Bradley Mabb & Harney Burgess in a great Orioles' training session this afternoon. Continuing the cricket theme, John Hayes from Cricket Tasmania joined his new team mates from the Eastern Athletics at this afternoon's TCA net session. Clive Rose from the Hobart Hurricanes was also an interested participant. Welcome to all the new players and thank you to all those who attended these sessions.

David (11/9/2016)

HSBL status, fees and registration form for 2016/17

Our season and membership access is now listed on the Baseball Australia database so I can now update registration and payment details. Those members who have already paid and provided me with their registration details have been added to the database so are covered for insurance purposes.

David (12/9/2016)


The registration form for HSBL 2016/17 is now available on the home page of our website. Click on the link to obtain copy. Things to note:
1) The registration form and the initial payment of $55 will be collected by your team manager prior to your first game of baseball. 
2) In addition to photos we will also have access to a video camera this season so it is important that you indicate on the form in section 2 if you DO NOT WISH to have your photo/film taken and/or published
3) please indicate on the form your preferred method of payment
4) Once I have the initial payment AND the registration form, I can update the Baseball Australia database to ensure you are covered for insurance payments.

David (12/9/2016)


Following on from the huge success of the HSBL over the last couple of seasons, the future of baseball in Hobart looks very bright. A strategic plan for the next 5-10 years is currently being finalised and the Glenorchy City Council have been so enthused by our progress that they are keen to upgrade the baseball facilities. 2016/17 promises to be an action packed season with each team playing 18 games, the continuation of a designated training night, a return visit by the Northern Pirates from Wollongong and a two week pre-season. With all this excitement, it is important that we do not lose sight of the fact that we need to not only plan financially for the future but also ensure that we cover our costs for each season. Over the next week, each member will be contacted by their manager and advised of our 2016/17 fees with an explanation as to why they have increased.

David (2/9/2016)

TCA nets available for practice (next session: 3.30 - 5 pm Sunday 25th September)

The gear is once again located at TCA nets for those wishing to train, whether it be in the allocated Sunday timeslot (3.30 to 5pm) or at another time.

David (7/9/2016)


I appreciate this Sunday is Fathers Day but if anyone is interested in a session at the TCA nets, I will be there from 3.30 to 5pm. 
The gear for baseball training at the TCA nets is now held by Wade Townsend and can be picked up from him for each session booked.
 To guarantee a training spot, Sunday between 3.30 and 5pm with all four nets was booked. If players wish to participate in this session, could you please let us know by the Friday of each week. By doing this, we can determine if we will need all four nets and if not, Wade can book out the net (s) we are not using. We are getting a very good deal for the use of all four nets so please remember this cost must be shared equally amongst participants. David (15/8/2016)
As per previous posts, the TCA nets will once again be available for our use this Sunday between 3 and 5pm. Could those intending to go please indicate here. Please note, these sessions are not funded by the league and payment of any fees are the responsibility of the participants. It generally works out to $20 per participant for the two hours but this is based on at least 10 people turning up.

David (28/7/2016)------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Following on from my discussions with Cricket Tasmania, I have confirmed with Wade Townsend from North Hobart Cricket Club, that members of Baseball Tasmania may use the TCA nets for baseball practice.....Important information:.....Cost: $30 per net per hour.......Access: complex open seven days but bookings are essential, particularly for weekends, cricket clubs obviously have first access and their busy times are generally 4.30 pm to 8.30 pm....There are showers available so members could utilise the complex prior to work....Gear: players must only use their own bats/helmets or those of their team.....even though we are covered for insurance under Baseball Australia for BASEBALL practice at the nets, appropriate protection MUST be worn, particularly for batting...to be covered by the insurance, you must be registered with Baseball Australia...if I have not received a registration form AND $50 (part of the 2015/16 fees) then you are not registered......for bookings, contact Wade Townsend on 0488 167 539. David (11/6/2016)

Launceston Baseball League Facebook Page Online: Going north....(updated 30/8/2016)

The Facebook page for the Launceston Baseball League is now up and running. Thank you very much to Nicole Perry for setting up and advertising the page. David (30/8/2016)

Launceston Baseball League Facebook page


Huge thanks to Nicole and Andrew Perry for catching up this evening to discuss starting up a baseball competition in Launceston. Andrew has kindly agreed to be the contact for anyone (male or female) interested in playing baseball in Launceston and he can be contacted by email at perry.andrew83@yahoo.com.au. 

David (6/6/2016)


The Australian Masters Games have been awarded to north west Tasmania and a baseball competition will be held at the Spreyton ground in October 2017. I shall be meeting with members of the Devonport City Council next week and will take the opportunity to meet with people who have shown interest in playing baseball in Launceston. For further information on this trip, either email me at baseballtasmania@yahoo.com or call me on 0468 927 363.

David (31/5/2016)

Season 2016/17 news (updated 26/8/2016)

Come and try day:

When: Sunday 25th September 2016

Where: Prince of Wales Bay Recreation Ground, Gepp Parade, Derwent Park

Time: 10.30am to 12.30pm

Who: All genders 14 and above. Whilst we currently run a senior competition for generally 17 and over, we are looking to create competitions for 17 and under and 15 and under. 13 year olds will be invited to participate in the top level hybrid game of the Batter Up T-ball League.

David (26/8/2016)


With just over a month to go to the start of the HSBL 2016/17 season, we have some exciting news in that we will be fielding seven teams. A second Orioles team is to be joined by the Raiders and we welcome both teams to the league. New members are welcome and no previous experience is necessary. As with last season, there will be a "come and try" day along with a short pre-season competition to help allocate players to teams and to allow new players to experience baseball before the season proper commences. The 2016/17 roster has been sent to team managers and will be available on our website soon.

David (25/8/2016)

2017 Victorian Masters Carnival

Confirmation has come through that the 2017 Victorian Masters Carnival will once again be hosted by the Ballarat City Brewers. The carnival will be held from Friday 17th March to Sunday March 19th inclusive. Mark these dates in your diary as we would once again hope to have a team in the over 35yrs and the over 50's. The total number of teams for the carnival is capped at 24 so the sooner we can confirm our participation, the better. David (23/8/2016)

Cricket Tasmania go to bat

Thanks to John Hayes and Rhett Lockyer from Cricket Tasmania for catching up this morning to discuss future collaborations between Cricket Tasmania and Baseball Tasmania. Discussions included baseball sessions with Brad Harman from the Melbourne Aces and a baseball game between members of the Tassie Tigers' cricket squad and the HSBL. Stay tuned for further updates as they become available. David

David (25/5/2016)

New executive committee for 2016/17...Quiz evening

The executive committee for the coming year is:

Patron: Scott Bacon MP

President: David Searle

Vice presidents: Chris Chalker; Zac Shutt

Treasurer: Peter Hubble

Secretary: Terese Millhouse

The general committee will include a representative from each of the competing teams.

Once again there will be a match committee, the members of which will be announced soon. 


On behalf of Baseball Tasmania, I would like to thank Andrew Smith (quiz master), Markus (chef), the Polish Club staff and Terese Millhouse for all her hard work and time getting donations, setting up etc for last night's inaugural Quiz Night.

We would also like to thank the following for their generous donations for the evening: 
Blackwoods Tools; Bunnings Rosny; Currency Cafe; Hair Gallery; Harbour Lights Cafe; Hotel Soho; K & D; Michael Hegarty; Network Gaming; Parr's Air-conditioning; Red Square Cafe; Scott Bacon MP; Shamali Cafe; Sinclair's Health & Fitness; Steve's Liquor Lindisfarne; Tasmania Paint Shop; Tasmanian Trophy House; The Good Guys; Woolworths Eastlands. 
Please support these businesses. 

Congratulations to team Isotopes (Nikki Morrison; Chris Morrison; Sam Morrison; Chopper Wightman & Dean Chamberlain for winning the Quiz Evening from the Wasps....on a tie breaker no less!!!

David (15/5/16)


HSBL sponsors (Updated 7/12/2015)


Gold Sponsor: Raine & Horne Real Estate Hobart

Silver sponsor: A & K Sullivan Pty Ltd t/a Fish Focus Consulting

Bronze sponsor: Vantage Hotels


Hobart Blue Jays:      Hotel Soho

Northern White Sox:  Tas Keno

Orioles:                    Banjos Bakery


                               Kennedy Bros Painting

                               Claremont Hotel

                               Kentucky Fried Chicken


Haymes Paints Ballarat

Kennedy Bros Painting

Bennetto Finance

Park Hotel Bistro Ballarat

Vantage Hotels

Pleased to announce Baseball Tasmania's first Bronze Sponsor for the HSBL, Vantage Hotels. Thank you very much for your support. David 24/9/2015

Thank you

As we begin our finals' series, it is important to remember our sponsors, not only the league but also team, and those organisations which have donated money. On behalf of Baseball Tasmania, I thank you all for your kind support throughout the season. David


Gold Sponsor: Raine & Horne Hobart Real Estate
Silver sponsor: Fish Focus Consulting
Bronze sponsor: Vantage Hotels t/a 9/11 Bottleshops


Banjos Orioles:

Banjos; Techquity, Kennedy Bros Painting; Claremont Hotel, KFC

Hotel Soho Hobart Blue Jays: Hotel Soho

Northern White Sox: Tas Keno

Tassy Tigers Masters:

Haymes Paints Ballarat; Kennedy Bros Painting; Bennetto Finance; Park Hotel Bistro Ballarat.

Congratulations Dragons

Congratulations to the Dragons who secured the 2015/16 minor premiership with their 10-5 victory over the Banjos Orioles today. Rhys Watts hit a solo home run and Tim Holland pitched four solid innings to lead their team to victory. 

In the afternoon game, thè Eastern Athletics halted their 8 game losing streak in emphatic fashion by defeating the Hotel Soho Hobart Blue Jays 13-4. Richard Benoit and ?rant Stump starred for the victors with three hits each and scoring seven runs between them. With their victory, the Athletics now lead the Northern White Sox on percentage for the final spot in the finals. How important is the Sox' final roster game next week against the Orioles?!!!!!

David (14/2/2016)

Upfront payment

Players are reminded that it is a requirement, and has been for many seasons, that a non refundable amount of $50 be paid BEFORE playing your first game of baseball. This $50 pays for your registration with Australian Baseball Federation (ABF) and your insurance. I will be at the pre-season games to take payments and registrations.

David (28/10/2015)

TV & YouTube

Tonight on Southern Cross News there will be film from last night's game between the Hotel Soho Hobart Blue Jays and the Eastern Athletics as part of a report on baseball.

The same film can be found on YouTube at:  https://youtu.be/44F1FY8aEpU

Hotel Soho Hobart Blue Jays V Eastern Athletics 

David (4/12/2015)

New Tassie Masters' Teams sponsor

More big news from the weekend, Chris Chalker has secured sponsorship for the 2016 Tassie Masters' teams with Park Hotel Bistro in Ballarat. On Thursday 17th March 2016, those members of the two teams will be attending the bistro for a feed, drinks and the presentation of caps sponsored by the hotel. Thanks again to Chris for all his hard work.

David (7/12/2015)

Player availability

Just a reminder to players; it helps your team immensely if you can advise your manager of your availability to play....well in advance of the game. I appreciate there are unavoidable last minute reasons to be unavailable but all players have access to a roster and in the majority of cases, would know of their availability in advance. It should not be left to the manager to constantly run after players to check on their availability.

Early notification means your manager can reach out to the manager of the team which has the bye in that week to see if anyone from his or her team is interested in filling in.


Fill-ins should initially be sourced from the team which has the bye for that week. If no-one is available then alternatives can be looked at.

Rules regarding fill-ins: (from previous seasons)

  • Fill-ins must be placed last in the batting order to ensure that regular team members have the best game opportunities
  • Fill-ins cannot pitch or catch unless with prior arrangement between the competing team managers

David (9/12/2015)

2015/16 Finals series

After discussion with committee members it has been decided that the 2015/16 finals will be fought out between the top four sides. In the first week of the finals the games will be 1 v 4 and 2 v 3 with the winners of each game to play off in the Grand Final on Sunday 6th March. As in past seasons, to be eligible to play in the finals, players must have all their appropriate fees paid AND have played at least five (5) games.

David (26/1/2016)

Breaking news

Following on from tonight's general committee meeting, I am happy to announce some exciting news about the upcoming 2015/16 HSBL season. 

  • On the weekend commencing 31st October, a team from the Wollongong Pirates (NSW) will play a series of games against teams representing the HSBL. Other activities will be planned for the weekend so stay tuned for further details. Thanks to Chris Chalker for organising this. 
  • The 2015/16 season will be played over 15 rounds with a preseason lightning competition to allow new players to find their feet and to determine final teams for the season proper. This preseason competition will be held in conjunction with open days which will be scheduled for earlier in October, further details to be provided shortly.

David 29/7/2015

HSBL invite to women participants

During my wanders around Hobart, several women have expressed interest about playing baseball. Our league is open to both men and women and I would encourage any women who may wish to pursue that interest, to attend the "Come and Try" days to be held ove the next four Sundays. All sessions will be held at Prince of Wales Bay Recreation Ground, Gepp Parade Goodwood, commencing at 10.30 am

David (10/10/2015)

News headlines

Opening Day Raine & Horne HSBL season 2016/17


What an opening round to the 2016/17 season...

Tim Holland (Dragons) wins Jamie McIntyre Player of the Year for season 2015/16


First year player, Tim Holland, takes home highest award...

Congratulations Dragons, HSBL champions for season 2015/16


The Dragons defeat the Banjos Orioles to win their first HSBL premiership

Finals are here!!!


Preparing for the 2015/16 HSBL finals

Melbourne Ace's Brad Harman weekend


Melbourne Ace's Brad Harman running baseball sessions for Cricket Tasmania and Baseball Tasmania

History is made, Banjos Orioles win their first HSBL game


Banjos Orioles defeat Eastern Athletics 12-8

Grand Final Day Program


2015/16 Grand Final program

...and the 2015/16 Grand Finalists are...


Dragons to play Banjos' Orioles in the 2015/16 Grand Final

Get well wishes and a sad goodbye


Heading to greener pastures...

Baseball Tasmania/HSBL Presentation Night results 2016


Results of the 2016 winners

Baseball Tasmania executive committee 2015/16

Thank you very much to those members who attended this evening's AGM and to Hotel Soho for the use of their facilities. 
The following members will form the executive committee for the 2015/16 season:

President: David Searle
Snr vice president: Chris Chalker
Vice president: Zac Shutt
Treasurer: Peter Hubble
Secretary: Steve Lovegrove

Congratulations to all those elected.

David 28/4/2015

Registration form for HSBL 2016/17

Click here for registration form

Upcoming games

Raine & Horne HSBL Round three

Sunday 30th October:

                                        10am:        Banjos Orioles Orange V Raiders

                                        12.15pm:   Northern White Sox V Banjos Orioles Black

                                        2.30pm:     Hotel Soho Hobart Blue Jays V Eastern Athletics

Baseball Tasmania EFT details

Account: Baseball Tasmania

BSB: 037-001

Account number: 481722


Tasmanian Masters Baseball banking details

Tasmanian Masters Baseball Association

BSB: 633 108

A/C: 1301 92453

Details: name of player or sponsor

David 5/2/2015

Facebook (updated 26/8/2016)

I am pleased to announce that today we reached 400 likes on our Facebook page. On behalf of Baseball Tasmania, I would like to thank all those people who have "liked" our page because it is through your interest that we are able to spread the word, not only about baseball but also softball and the new t-ball league.

David 26/8/2016


Launceston Baseball League Facebook page

Dragons 2015/16 Champions

MVP of the Grand Final, Tim Holland is presented with the President's Medal by Baseball Tasmania President, David Searle; Adam de Cotter and Brendan Adams with the Hubble Edwards Shield, the winning Dragons' team (back: L to R, Ross Peters; Adam de Cotter, Dean Chamberlain; Paul Johns; Aaron Jarvis; Tim Holland; Rhys Watts. front: L to R: Brendan Adams; Kay Hong; Shane Davies; Leigh Johns; Riley Schmidt. Seated: Hong; Bree de Cotter; Molly Carpenter.

Hot off the breakfast grill at Hotel Soho


Statistically minded

HSBL Standings after round 11

Thanks to Zac Shutt for compiling these David 31/1/2016

Socially Speaking

This section is for the promotion of social events being conducted round Hobart. Anyone wishing to promote an event, please contact us. David.



Back to where we belong!

Opening Day Hobart Summer Baseball League 2014/15

The Home of Baseball: Prince of Wales Bay Recreation Ground